7 Reasons to Love Joss Whedon ...


7 Reasons to Love Joss Whedon ...
7 Reasons to Love Joss Whedon ...

I could name a million reasons to love Joss Whedon! I’ve watched almost everything he’s done, from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to “The Avengers”! A lot of people probably watch a lot of his material and don’t realize who he is or that he even created what they’re watching. I felt like someone needed to bring to light how amazing he is so I compiled a list of seven reasons to love Joss Whedon.

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It doesn’t matter which Joss Whedon show or movie you’re watching, this is always certain: he has amazing characters. All of characters are constantly growing and changing as you watch them. I have never seen a character that starts out the same as they are when the show/movie ends. Not only do they always grow and change, but they’re so complex and draw so much emotion out of you that it’s hard not to love all of them, even the ones you hate. This has to be one of my top reasons to love Joss Whedon.


Strong Women

One of my favorite Joss Whedon quotes has to be his response to a question he was asked. The question was “Why do you write strong female characters?” and his response was “Because you’re still asking me that question.” Joss Whedon loves to write strong women! Whether it’s Buffy, Willow, Tara, Echo, River, etc., they’re all so strong in their own ways and such great portrayals of women on television.



Bufy and Angel, Buffy and Spike, Willow and Tara, Echo and Paul, Mal and Inara, etc., all were such amazing relationships. Joss is great at writing heartbreaking relationships. A lot of times my favorite relationships of his are the ones that didn’t work out, had a tragic ending, or just never even came to be. Now that I think about it, does Joss ever write happy relationships!? Either way they’re amazing. Not just romantic relationships, but the friendships he write as well as the familial bonds are just so well written and acted, it’s incredible.



Can this man write a great storyline or what?! I would really like to know where his plots come from, because they are so different than anything else that other people have put on TV that I don’t understand how he comes up with them. Not only are the general overarching plots amazing, but then there are the smaller stories and twists he comes up with that just blow the audience away!



I think I’ve cried more from watching Joss Whedon shows than any other shows I’ve ever seen. That might make people wonder why so many people love him, but I think that is part of the reason. It’s so rare to find shows or characters that you really connect with or grow to care about as if you really know them, but with Joss Whedon’s shows the characters are so complex and life like that it’s hard not to feel for them. Whether you’re laughing or crying, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself watching a Joss Whedon show.



The writing in all of his shows and movies is just so incredible! Not only does it bring to life these awesome storylines and characters, but it’s also smart, witty, funny, and just all around brilliant. I’ve watched his shows a few times and every time I get to watch certain episodes again, I’m able to find so much foreshadowing that never registered the first time around. It’s so complex, but subtle at the same time. He’s just a genius.


Social Commentary

This might be a really weird thing for me to love about Mr. Whedon, but I can’t help it! There is so much hidden social commentary in his shows it’s incredible. “Buffy,” “Firelfly,” and “Dollhouse” were so chock full of it that when I wrote about them for school I had to edit myself because there was just so much! I’m sure there’s more in his movies, but I haven’t watched those as many times as his shows. Personally, I find shows that can hide meaning under an awesome storyline really great.

It’s probably plain to see that I basically worship the ground this man writes on (see what I did there?). Why do you love Joss Whedon? Do you disagree with any of these points?

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Lydia~Thanks for the great post-made my day. Weeden certainly resides among the best writers in television today for exactly every reason you expressed... so, I love the man. There's just so much more to say about how he pulls it all together, well, you know.

This is great!! I live Joss!

Well he didn't create them but he turned them into an awesome movie

And he created the avengers THANK YOU JOSS!!!


I love this so much! So true!

I love Joss. Amazing shows.

So true. Especially the social commentary. I love buffy, because its about a girl and her friends who happen to be supernatural, rather than supernatural people who happen to be friends - and it is so funny!

Love* ahahaa

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