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7 Reasons to Watch Merlin Series ...

By Jelena

I love it, my sister loves it, even my mom loves it and I bet there is a whole bunch of fans out there that would say one doesn’t need a million good reasons to watch Merlin Series. “Oh, come on! Another boring Arthurian legend”-some of you may say. But wait! Don’t judge too soon! I’ll give you my reasons to watch Merlin Series, describe why I like it so much, suggest you watch an episode or two and if you still don’t like it… Well, we all have our likes and dislikes. Right?

1 Interesting Adventures

Every episode is a story on its own so you don’t have to worry in case you’ve missed an episode or two. Every day is a new adventure in Camelot and, since Arthur’s destiny is so important, there is a whole bunch of villains trying to make sure he doesn’t live to fulfill it. Merlin is, of course, always there to save the day and, since every episode has a happy ending, those 40-50 minutes you’ll spend watching each one of them will never be a waste of time.

2 Funny Remarks

Witty remarks, funny comments and scenes and standard Merlin-Arthur verbal duels – if you’re a fan you definitely know what I’m talking about. You can always count on Merlin to say something funny regardless of the situation. Furthermore – the more life-threatening the situation is the funnier his lines are! I, for example, always had a good laugh watching the show and I’ve even caught myself re-running all the funny parts in my head and laughing all over again so yes… I’d say humor is one of the main reasons to watch Merlin Series.


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3 Merlin and All the Troubles He Manages to Get Himself into

Here’s the deal- Merlin knows how important Arthur’s destiny is and he’s ready to do everything it takes to save his royal behind but since revealing he has magic could get him executed, getting the “royal prat” a.k.a prince Arthur out of the harm’s way somehow always ends with dirty jobs. Weird situations and even weirder excuses might not sound like good reasons to watch Merlin Series but once you see how funny these get you’ll definitely change your mind!

4 Romantic Scenes

Arthur and Gwen are just adorable and I’m always looking forward to all those romantic scenes so hope there will be more of those in Season 4. I don’t want to spoil the fun for all of you who might decide to watch the show now, so I’ll just say the feelings Arthur and Gwen have for each other definitely give the show that fairytale lady-and-her-knight charm.

5 Characters

Merlin is witty, funny and often too good to others. Arthur is a kind of a macho guy but fair, honest and brave as well. Gwen may be a servant girl but she has all the virtues of a lady while Morgana could have been good, too, if only she wasn’t so insecure and into holding a grudge. The characters may look too teeny at first but as the story unfolds the viewer becomes more and more convinced that there is more than meets the eye.

6 Modern Take on Arthurian Legends

I’ve always loved Arthurian legends but it never occurred to me before that Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana were once young, too. Merlin was always depicted as mystic, powerful geezer and Arthur… well… he’s always been a knight in shiny armor- perhaps not as cute, but still a knight. Seeing them all as twenty year-olds, doing things people this age do, having the same thoughts, same fears, same emotions and even the same jokes gave this TV show a whole different tone so I simply must add this to my list of reasons to watch Merlin Series.

7 …and They All Lived…

… Happily ever after? Well, that’s just the thing about these types of TV shows – we know both Merlin and Arthur will live long enough to get gray hairs and we know they’ll stay the best of friends but what we don’t know is exactly how is that going to happen. And that’s, like, the best part! We know what’s going to happen once they get old but this is one story that was never told from the beginning… until now, that is. And that’s what we want… that’s what I want and, hopefully, some of you Merlin fans out there as well.

And… I’d say this wraps it up so if these reasons to watch Merlin Series were not enough to convince you, I’ll just have to pull out the big guns. So, Merlin fans, do help me out! Tell me and others why do you like this TV show! What’s your fav scene? Favorite character? Favorite line?

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