7 Reasons to Watch the Game of Thrones ...


There are plenty of reasons to watch The Game of Thrones, one of the most popular HBO fantasy series of today! Based on the George R.R. Martin’s novel A Song of Ice and Fire, this gloomy yet incredibly interesting show will capture your attention and let you experience the imaginary world in which happily ever afters don’t come so easy! With its knights and dragons, kings, castles and fair maids, The Game of Thrones series start like a standard medieval fantasy yet it takes a different turn, showing you that nobody can consider himself safe while the game of thrones is at play! And if you need a good reason to watch The Game of Thrones and join its major fan base, take a look at these 7 below:

1. The Dynamics

From its beginning to its end, each episode will keep you on your toes, wondering what’s going to happen next, even if you’ve read the book and remember the plot well. A full hour of good quality program might seem as too much to ask at first but, believe me, once the credits start to roll, you’ll catch yourself wondering how can a full hour seem so short. The directors have really done a great job here, I have to say, balancing between different locations, different characters and emotions to paint various overlapping events with precision and care.

The Emotion
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