7 Reasons to Watch the Game of Thrones ...


7 Reasons to Watch the Game of Thrones ...
7 Reasons to Watch the Game of Thrones ...

There are plenty of reasons to watch The Game of Thrones, one of the most popular HBO fantasy series of today! Based on the George R.R. Martin’s novel A Song of Ice and Fire, this gloomy yet incredibly interesting show will capture your attention and let you experience the imaginary world in which happily ever afters don’t come so easy! With its knights and dragons, kings, castles and fair maids, The Game of Thrones series start like a standard medieval fantasy yet it takes a different turn, showing you that nobody can consider himself safe while the game of thrones is at play! And if you need a good reason to watch The Game of Thrones and join its major fan base, take a look at these 7 below:

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The Dynamics

From its beginning to its end, each episode will keep you on your toes, wondering what’s going to happen next, even if you’ve read the book and remember the plot well. A full hour of good quality program might seem as too much to ask at first but, believe me, once the credits start to roll, you’ll catch yourself wondering how can a full hour seem so short. The directors have really done a great job here, I have to say, balancing between different locations, different characters and emotions to paint various overlapping events with precision and care.


The Emotion

Love, hate, pride, rage, devotion, fear – The Game of Thrones Series is definitely meant to leave a strong impression on its viewers! Your favorite characters are not invincible and the directors will not spare them so you could go to bed happy, dreaming of true knights, romance and pretty maids. It’s real as it can be, both tainted and pure, with all these raw emotions invading your senses until you’re not sure who to love and who to hate.


The Complexity of Characters

One of the best reasons to watch The Game of Thrones are, of course, it’s characters and I still find it difficult to believe that they’ve actually managed to pain a perfect picture of almost each one, despite the obvious lack of those precious inner monologues. You can see true fear in Sansa’s eyes replacing the dreamy gaze as she realizes how monstrous her “true knight” is , feel the love building between Dany and her Khal, see how sad and truly lost Cat is despite her best efforts to keep her composure and understand that Cersei could have been a completely different queen, if she had not been denied the place in Robert’s heart.


Cute Guys

Okay, now tell me this is not a good reason to watch The Game of Thrones! LOL! But seriously now, take a peek and I’m sure you’ll be completely happy with the cast list! Hunky Jason Momoa playing the role of Khal Drogo is certainly a sight for my sore eyes and there are always the pretty boys such as Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Richard Madden (Robb Stark) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), if that happens to please your taste more. Even the Hound is kind of cute in a scary, anti-hero way and well… you don’t get to see cute boys in armors quite so often these days. Male viewers are definitely getting their fair share of on-screen medieval hotties and, judging from the book, there’s plenty more yet to come!


Creative Differences

The Game of Thrones series will surprise you even if you’ve read the book which some might think is a good thing, others might hate but all will watch with anticipation. The Hound should be fiercer and they shouldn’t have robbed the character of his story and given it to Littlefinger yet I’m still looking forward to the Second season in hopes that might change. Eddard Stark was given a chance to face his execution standing tall and proud as always instead of being a feverish, half-dead shadow of his former self depicted in the book which, in my opinion, was a much better way for him to die, being a proud, righteous Stark. But enough with the spoilers – if you haven’t watched the show yet, I’m sure you’ll want to figure things on your own.



Times are dark but the humor has not disappeared from the realm… at least not with Tyrion Lannister around! But he won’t be the only man to turn to japes in times when mockery or witty comebacks prove to be the only way to shield ones sanity. The book itself is full of things that will make you chuckle and just how well have the directors managed to incorporate that into their televised version … well, let’s just wait and see. And wouldn’t you say that’s a good reason to watch The Game of Thrones?



The last on my list of reasons to watch The Game of Thrones might not mean much to some, yet it definitely makes the picture perfect! All of those wonderful lands and landscapes used really make a medieval-looking Westeros seem unbelievably real, helping even the least attentative of Martin’s readers see what the author has seen himself. This world of dragons, knights, kings, castles and magic is something you’ll definitely enjoy being a part of from time to time, yet we’re talking about a really serious, believable story here, one that would not mock your wits and will be welcomed by more mature audience.

Could you add a few reasons to watch The Game of Thrones and which characters are the ones that kept you glued to your TV, eagerly awaiting every new episode of The Game of Thrones series?

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So addicted to this show! Just finished season 3 in a day! Kinda loved/hated this season though!

I don't need 7 reasons since I love this show and I think everyone should watch it because it's amazing. Going to re-post this. :)

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