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My Facebook newsfeed was flooded with people sharing the trailer of 50 Shades of Grey on the first day it was released to the public. Most of those who shared the trailer were young professionals and college students, but there were pockets of rebellion in several age groups. Take for example my fifty-year-old hopeless romantic aunt, who finished reading all three books in one week, and is now looking forward to the movie's showing come 2015. I have no single thread of doubt that 50 Shades of Grey will be a blockbuster film. Here are the reasons why I believe so:

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It's a Fairytale Story

Literature student Anastasia Steele was plain looking to most people, but Mr. Grey noticed her and fell in love with her. There were roadblocks along the way but they still managed to be together - and lived happily ever after. This movie, 50 Shades of Grey, will be a blockbuster film because in its core is a fairy tale romance with a happy ending. Earthlings, even if some refuse to acknowledge it, do love happy endings.


It's a Movie out of a Book

I am expecting several unsatisfied book readers who will find the film a tamed version of the book. People know the story of this one but as with any film adaptation of books, things may change. Movie goers - even those who have read the book - would want to see how loyal (or disloyal) the film version is to the book. I am expecting to read thousands of reviews about this.


It's Part of a Trilogy

It's the power of three that will drive people to the theaters to watch 50 Shades of Grey. Think Hunger Games that made Katniss Everdeen/Jennifer Lawrence a household name. People will talk about it. Friends will tell friends. Social media will go nuts with posts and reviews.


It's Erotic

Unless you've been hiding in a cave, you may very well know that this film is erotic. The book is filled with sexually explicit BDSM scenes. Readers, or at least those who know the story's summary, will be very interested how those scenes are carried out in the film. I am particularly interested how Dakota Johnson will play Anastasia Steele


It Stars Jamie Dornan

Charlie Hunnam was first cast to play Christian Grey but decided to drop off the role giving his busy schedule as a TV star as the main reason. So who exactly is the replacement guy? The name is Jamie Dornan. I remember seeing him in Marie Antoinette opposite Kirsten Dunst and I remember my friend telling me that Keira Knightley is dating a former Calvin Klein model. There's always an element of anticipation when you see someone who's not overexposed in the films, playing a role that people want to come alive.


Its Theme Tune is Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love

Really now, the way this song was re-recorded is just sexy, sultry, crazy. You can set aside memories of you dancing to this former energy-filled song because Beyoncé has slowed the rhythm down for 50 Shades and spiced it up with heavy breathing. Sizzling hot!


It's out in the Love Month

I am expecting couples to spend Valentine's Day watching this movie. Just imagine how crazy movie houses will be in February! Movie producers will be more than happy with their investment in this film. I am more than sure of that!

How about you? Do you think this movie will hit it big?

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Idk why people like it lol it's just porn written in pages that someone turned into a movie . 😑 maybe it's just me but I guess I'll never be the romantic type

Loving it!

Honestly, this book promotes rape culture and there is absolutely no reason why people should "romanticize" it. For example, in Chapter 12 Anastasia jokingly breaks up with Christian (which is in no way funny), so he breaks into her house and rapes her. He treats her her very rudely, and she later has a good cry about the events. This book should not be cherished and sends a sick message.

Trailer looks AWFUL they look AWFUL this should've been a short mini series on HBO where they can get away with a lot , let's face it it's almost porn ... I wish Charlie Hunnam had taken the part 😪

wait theres no happy ending the book dont have tht because at the end ane breaks the rule from his contract

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