7 Reasons Why 'Franco Fest' Was the Best Thing to Have Happened in a While ...


There are so many reasons as to why Franco Fest was one of the coolest things I've been to. If you're a movie lover AND a lover of James Franco, Franco Fest was the perfect place to be. From the venue to the movies played, it was an overall hit. Check out some of the reasons why Franco Fest was so great!

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The Location

Frano Fest was held at the IFC Center in New York City. If you don't already know about it, the IFC Center is NYC's state-of-the-art downtown cinema for the best in independent, foreign, documentary and classic films. They're always playing fantastic movies and the small theater provides an excellent viewing experience. They even recently dedicated a night to playing the short movies nominated at this year's Oscars! It was definitely an awesome venue for Franco Fest.


Being Surrounded by Fans

One of the coolest thing about going to an event like this is being surrounded by people who are just as excited as you are. I was really happy to see that fans weren't screaming and making things difficult for James! We were all just really excited to sit in the theater and watch movies that he either starred in and/or directed. It was even a great opportunity to make friends who are just as obsessed with James Franco as you are!


The Movies

The list of Franco movies that were being played was really awesome. I really wanted to go and watch the screening of Spring Breakers (even though I wasn't its number one fan). I just thought it'd be a really awesome movie to watch with other Franco fans. Instead, I watched the short movie IDAHO which I really enjoyed! Other movies they were screening included 127 Hours, As I Lay Dying, etc.


Franco's Appearances

The best thing about Franco Fest was, of course, Franco's personal appearances! He'd show up to the theater and either introduce the film, or show up afterwards for a question and answer session with the audience. On the night that I went, he did a q&a and it was great to have the opportunity to listen to him! Also, in case you were wondering, he's really sweet and genuine in person. I even scored a photo with him!


His Speeches

It was great to hear James talk about something he's so passionate about. He talked about the process behind making these movies, how he prepared for it, and more. He even mentioned that he's starting acting school soon! Psh, as if he needs it, right? Still, it was really sweet to see this down-to-earth guy stand in front of a crowd and talk to us as if we were all his friends.


The Reason/idea behind It

IFC Center held Franco Fest to really showcase the actor's impressive career. The venue was really excited to share the news on their site. When talking about it, they mentioned that Franco has "already produced an incredible body of work as an actor, writer, producer and director 
that would make an artist twice his age jealous. His choices have never feared complexity or controversy, and each new project bristles with the thrill of discovery. We’re thrilled to present this not-even-mid-career survey [that] includes some of Franco’s most notable performances."


The Experience

Overall, Franco Fest provided a really awesome experience. There were movies, fans, and the star himself. What more could you even ask for? I hung around a bit after the movie screening and got to meet him, which I was so excited about!

Were you at Franco Fest? If so, what was your favorite part about it? I'm not sure if they're planning on hosting another one next year, but if they do, would you want to attend?

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