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“Witches of East End” is a new television series that revolves around the lives of a mother and her two adult daughters, all of whom are witches in the modern day world. From the start it seems like they are all leading seemingly quiet and ordinary lives, but by now you probably know that there is a lot more to it! So without giving it all away, here are some of the top reasons why you should be jumping on the bandwagon and tuning in for “Witches of East End”!

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There is Magic

What I love about sci-fi and fantasy genres is that writers are able to do so much with the plotline and completely turn the show around if they want to. There really isn’t a limit to what can and can’t happen, so the numerous possibilities are what keep viewers so glued to the screen! So if you are searching for a show with magic, spells and supernatural creatures, “Witches of East End” is your cup of tea!


There is Romance

As a rule of thumb, every show on television has a little bit of romance squeezed into the storyline. For some reason, we just all enjoy watching love triangles, relationship drama and heartbreaks! Well this show has plenty of that! Anything from star-crossed lovers to same sex relationships and even relationships with ghosts!


Good Looking Cast

While I am sure none of us are superficial individuals, I have to admit that having a cast that is easy on the eyes will not hurt the ratings of the show! Not only is the cast, consisting of Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Daniel Di Tomasso, Eric Winter and more, enormously talented but it is also way too good looking not to attract attention!


The Plot Will Keep You on Your Toes

Unlike many other current shows that lack any substantial plotline, this supernatural drama actually has an elaborate storyline along with intense back-stories. While the first couple of episodes give the viewers an idea of what the show is all about, the following ones actually give us deep insight of the story and fill in the missing puzzles to the whole show piece by piece.


The Show is Fairly New

If you are worried about getting hooked on the show to the point that you will have a certain sense of dependency on it, don’t worry because there are only two seasons! The show is fairly new, so you won’t be able to lock yourself in your room and binge on it for a few days straight. In just a short time, you should be able to catch up to the current episodes!


Each Character Has a Purpose

There are no extraneous characters on the show. Each one of them has an interesting past that contributes to the whole plotline, without which the show would lose its spark. As viewers we slowly get to understand why these characters do what they do and what drives them to their actions. And of course, once the characters serve their purpose, they may potentially get killed off the show!


It Resembles “Charmed”

If you were an avid fan of “Charmed” back in the early 2000s, I guarantee you that you will thoroughly enjoy this show. The skeletal concept of these two series is the same: family with powers, witches’ struggles to blend into the normal world and the battle of good vs. evil… Yet the shows are not carbon copies of each other; “Witches of East End” seems to be a lot darker and of course more modern!

Nowadays quality shows are hard to come by, which is why you shouldn’t pass this opportunity. It’s filled with suspense, romance, humor and adventure so it can appeal to a wide variety of viewers. So what do you think? Will you be tuning in next week?

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I love this show, I was so pleased to see Season 2 start.

I read the book series, and it's different from the show, but so obsessed !

Love this show

I am obsessed with this show!

This show is addictive! Fantastic Acting :)

Best show ever !!!

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