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We all have our guilty pleasures and I am going to provide you with seven reasons to apply to be on Come Dine With Me. As far as TV shows go, it has everything. Cooking, competition, personality clashes and the finest commentary this side of the Atlantic Ocean. In our minds we all believe that we can host the perfect dinner party, so why not put your ego and experience to the test and allow specially invited guests who you have never met before to assess your hosting and culinary abilities. Please be warned that this show isn’t for everyone, but I will do my best to persuade you to take part in this dinner party extravaganza by offering you plenty of reasons to apply to be on Come Dine With Me.

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Cook up a Storm

The chance for you to show-off your signature dishes to the world should be one of the major reasons to apply to be on Come Dine With Me. See yourself as a bit of a whizz in the kitchen who can stand up to the heat and the pressure? Well this is the perfect opening for you. Your recipes will even go online after the show so before you know it, everybody will be trying to replicate your gastronomic masterpieces.


Experience Different Personalities and Cultures

It can get very spicy at the dinner table and that’s before the contestants have started eating. Differences of opinion and varying beliefs in table manners make for fascinating viewing. An array of flavours and aromas will adorn the dining tables as each contestant gets a turn at being the star attraction. Come Dine With Me really is an underrated cultural education for everybody – relish it.


A Chance to Be on Television

An opportunity to experience life on the big screen? Watch your performance back and take yourself down memory lane. I have no doubt you will be subjected to a whirlpool of emotions as you reminisce the horrors of the week and savour the successes. Don’t we all want to make a name for ourselves?


The Commentary

Dave Lamb is an unsung hero. A master of sarcasm and a total genius in wit. He has me in hysterics when I am watching, particularly when he bruises the egos of individuals who are so full of themselves. Any budding contestant would see the funny side that Lamb brings to the show.


You Could Win £1000

Like you needed further encouragement to complete the application form? Over the week, each contestant has a turn at hosting and their guests will give them a rating out of ten. The person with the highest total of the week will win £1000. All of this for a day’s work. Not bad, not bad at all.


Make Friends for Life

You will come across people from a diverse range of backgrounds and encounter individuals who would never normally impact on your everyday life. Incredible and long-lasting friendships have blossomed from this show and the many personality clashes create unpredictable results. What have you got to lose?


The Memories

Many contestants remark about their time on the show as was one of the best experiences of their lives. A plethora of moments from the week will remain with you for the rest of your life. Hopefully that will ease any heartache you may suffer should you not win the big money.

Come Dine With Me has become an institution in the UK. It is an experience we can all relate to and yet all of us have a different view on what we perceive to be the perfect dinner party. That is the beauty of the show. Have you hosted a dinner party recently? Would you fancy your chances should your application be successful?

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My boss was on here, when I had my interview I was like I so recognise his voice and he looks familiar and when I told my family oh I've got a new job like, my brother asked me and I mentioned him by name and he was like I know him from football AND he was on Come Dine With Me! Haha small world but yeah I didn't feel like I met a celebrity!

Another Dave Lamb fan here - he's finally shining his own star after being 'Token White Guy' on Goodness Gracious Me!

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