7 Romantic Comedies to Look Forward to in 2013 ...


If you’re a fan of chick flicks, no doubt you’ll be interested in the new romantic comedies for 2013 you can look forward to. As we know, a good romcom has the ability to make us laugh and reach for the box of tissues, and we need to be prepared for both, so which romantic comedies for 2013 will be hitting our movie theaters soon?

Warning – videos may contain spoilers.

1. Much Ado about Nothing


Shakespeare’s sharp witted comedy gets the Joss Whedon (Buffy) treatment and is one of the highly anticipated romantic comedies for 2013. Filmed in just 12 days and set to hit the cinemas in June, Whedon’s version has been updated to be a comedy drama set in a 21st Century house party and wedding, rather than its 16th Century villa in Tuscany original. Features a hot young cast, including some of Whedon’s regular favorites.

The Big Wedding
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