7 Romantic Movie Cliches Girls Crave in Real Life ...


7 Romantic Movie Cliches Girls Crave in Real Life ...
7 Romantic Movie Cliches Girls Crave in Real Life ...

You might groan when you see an overused scene in a film, but there are romantic movie clichés that every girl would love to live through. Everyone wants to find the love of their life and share some memorable moments with them. It’s natural to see perfection on the big screen and wish it would happen to you. Here are a few romantic movie clichés you should all recognize!

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Kissing in the Rain

In dozens of romance films, the girl stands outside with the love of her life, not caring about the rain soaking her designer outfit because she’s with the man she loves. In real life, you’d be concerned about your hair getting wet after you spent hours making it look presentable, but the movies make kissing in the rain look desirable. Who wouldn’t want to see their hunky boyfriend drenched in water like he just came out of the shower? You might be a mess, but he’s sure to look good. One of the most common romantic movie clichés involves getting that perfect kiss when the weather is anything but perfect.


Airport Scene

You decide to move away from your hometown because ‘nothing is keeping you there’ and arrive at the airport or train station. Before your vehicle leaves, the love of your life runs to find you and begs you not to go. He admits how he feels for you, tells you he can’t live without you, and you decide to live happily ever after. As overused as this scene is, it would be nice to have someone care enough to want you to stay. Although, with the help of cell phones, he could skip the running and just give you a call.


Ferris Wheel

Your boyfriend decides to take you on a fun night out and you end up on the Ferris wheel. Even if you’re afraid of heights, you feel safe because of whom you’re sitting beside. When you reach the top, you look down at the beautiful scenery and then share an amazing kiss. If you’re a fan of The Notebook, you might want your guy to be more of a daredevil and climb over the bars. But to be safe, he should stick to the kiss.


We Are the Champions

Sticking with the carnival theme, who wouldn’t want their man to win them an oversized stuffed animal that will collect dust in their room? Winning a carnival game is meant to impress you and show that your guy has talent. If it takes him twenty tries to win you that cute bear with a bow tie, it shows dedication. He wants to make you smile, even if it means paying more to play the game than the cheap toy costs. Every time you look at the bear in your room, you’ll be reminded of how sweet your man is.


Cooking Cuteness

We’ve all seen that montage where a girl and guy whip up something in the kitchen. Music plays in the background while they throw some ingredients in a bowl and some flour at each other. Even if the food turns out to be inedible, it doesn’t matter because making it was so much fun. There’s something romantic about helping each another in the kitchen. When you’re finished, you can keep the whipped cream for some additional fun in the bedroom.



Whether you’re sitting on a picnic blanket out on the grass or on the hood of of your car, stargazing is a romantic activity. If it’s cold out, you get to snuggle to keep warm. If it’s hot out, you can snuggle anyway. Looking up at something so beautiful while spending time with the one you love makes for a memorable evening. When you’re apart, you can look at the sky and remember the night you shared.


Jumping into His Arms

In movies, when two lovers haven’t seen each other, they reunite by running and jumping into each other’s arms. The girl kicks up her legs and the guy spins her around. When he puts her back down, they share a passionate kiss. They’re overjoyed by the sheer sight of their lover. So long as your man doesn’t drop you, the act is beyond romantic.

Hopefully you’ll all have some movie moments in your life. What’s your favorite overused scene from romance films? What would you want a guy to do for you?

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Kissing usually happens while dinner's cooking, usually waiting while stuff happens! Anyone fancy the idea of a spa bath with their special someone? I didn't realise how nice it was until just last weekend :)

I've kissed my bf in the rain before - we were already in swimsuits though as we were kayaking/boating. We have cooked together multiple times and still do, for our families and ourselves. Also we have and like to go to one of our fave local mini parks or the local pier and gaze at the stars. :)

I want to be in a relationship now :(

Have it

I love them all!! Couple of them happened to me..

Pretty much my list! All o these are sooooo romantic!!!

Running through an airport is a good way to get shot

Darnit, that's all true! Haha and guys say girls are hard to understand

This is exactly what I've been imagining...

Cute, but being married for 15 years there's no chance! Lol

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