7 Sexy Leading Men from Britain ...


Sexy leading men come in all shapes and sizes, and they come from all over the globe. Lots of them seem to come from Britain, and that makes me a very happy girl. I’m a sucker for all things British, from the accents to the food to the history, and I admit it, I like me some sexy British actors! I’m kind of but not quite cheating, though, since you’ll see actors from Ireland and Scotland as well as English; I’m going after men all over the UK! Their sex appeal is often different from that of, say, American leading men; it’s often subtler, they have tremendous talents, and get to showcase their skill in a variety of films. So, take a look at my list of sexy British leading men and see how it stacks up to yours!

1. Colin Firth

I don’t know if you all have noticed this yet, but I have a thing for Colin Firth. He ranks high on any list of sexy leading men, no matter where they’re from. He’s been in so many good movies and had so many good roles, like Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy! I’ve loved him in everything, from A Single Man to Mamma Mia!, from earlier works to latest films.

Alan Rickman
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