17 Signs Cristina Yang is Secretly Your Soul Sister ...


Cristina Yang is my soul sister. She is my favorite character in all of TV history and I wish I could grow up to be exactly like her. I don't care if she's a fictional character, either. Sandra Oh made her real. If I could be friends with Sandra Oh, I would probably promptly ruin our friendship by asking if we could have Cristina Yang Hour every single day. If Yang is your soul sister, too, you will feel all the feels by the end of this. Ready, set, DANCE IT OUT!

1. She Knows What's Really Important

She Knows What's Really Important

This is probably my favorite Yang quote ever. She delivers so much sass when she says it, too – my sister knows she is beyond smart. She is a genius. She is a superstar.

When She Lets Go, She Lets Go
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