8 Signs You're Addicted to Netflix ...

When you look in the mirror do you see square eyes looking back at you? Are you overly attracted to advertising in red and white? Is your favorite literature the TV listings? Do you spend more hours watching Netflix than sleeping? Girl you have a problem. You are a Netflix addict! Not convinced? Read on…

1. Watching Netflix is More Desirable than Spending Time with Your Own …

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… Boyfriend! Among the sure signs you're addicted to Netflix are little things like being way more interested in the love life of TV characters than your own. Find that switch-off button soon or the man of your dreams will start looking for another heroine to star in his.

2. You Prefer Binge-watching for a Day than Meeting with Actual Friends

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If you start making excuses not to see people, to not have a fun night out with friends or family because binge-watching shows on Netflix is more important to you, you've really lost the plot and have your priorities wired the wrong way. Your friends may think a mystery man has entered your life, but if that man's called Ironman, Batman, James Bond or Mr Big ...your future happiness with Mr Right is doubtful.

3. When the Shows You Watch Impact on Your Mood

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If the romantic plot twists and turns in "Friends" leave you feeling distinctly "off-men" or the storylines of "The Originals" leave you with a pathological fear of New Orleans and nights with a full moon, it's time to switch off the TV and have a social life again. You cannot allow TV dictate how you should feel or base important decisions about your social life on shows.

4. When Netflix and Chill Means Just That

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You know you are addicted when everybody else knows what Netflix and Chill really means but to you it’s literal. Your idea of Netflix and chill is being glued with your nose to the screen, while ignoring everybody else in the room. When you start liking onscreen people more than the actual people in your life and are more interested in their fictional lives than making out with your hot guy, you have a problem with living in the real world.

5. You Lose Sleep, Track of Time and Your Grasp on Reality

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If your idea of watching TV revolves around "just one more season before I go to bed", while everybody else's idea of a TV night in revolves around "one more episode and then we'll go to sleep", you are an addict in every sense of the word. When hours in front of the screen turn into days, when texts no longer get answered and emails are ignored, you need to head for rehab asap! Your friends are sympathetic to your "cause", but there's only so much indifference a friend will put up with before they'll walk!

6. When a Show's Season Finishes and You Don't Know How to Fill Your Day Any More

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We've all been there. Sometimes there's a show that really speaks to you and is so different from whatever else you've watched in your life. The characters get under your skin and their lives and tribulations are real to you - so what do you do with yourself, when the season ends and there won't be another episode for another year? There's only one thing you can do: find another show that's equally as engrossing and kick-start the whole process of binge-watching all over again. You do know, you've got a problem, right?

7. You Don't Want a Show to End, so You Make up Your Own Storylines

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What's even worse, a show ends with no chance of another season and you're devastated at the loss of your favorite "family". You could petition the network, the actors, the show's writers, but if that won't get you another season, you're left with the murky world of fan fiction.

8. You Dress up as Your Favorite Character

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One of the most serious signs you’re a Netflix addict manifests itself in the urge to dress up as your favorite TV character and attend Comicon. If the thought of NOT being a vampire in Buffy's life is killing you or the idea you cannot travel to infinity and beyond with Captain Kirk is too much to bear, you can always dress up as a Klingon and attend a convention. Just don't expect your Mum to understand...or appreciate why she has to help you make yet another costume.

Look down at what you’re wearing while seated on the couch. If it is a prison issue orange jumpsuit – well enough said.

How much time do you spend watching Netflix?


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