So You Want to Be Holly Golightly: Here's How ...

Who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn? We admire her humility, beauty, serenity and impeccable sense of style. Many would say we couldn’t choose a better role model. When we think of the divine Miss Hepburn, inevitably her most iconic screen character comes to mind – the super flighty, adoringly gullible and ultimately lovable Holly Golightly. You may not be able to breakfast at Tiffany’s but here’s how you can be Holly Golightly:

1. Perfect Your Makeup Game

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You can’t achieve peak Holly Golightly status without absolutely perfecting your makeup! The great thing about Holly’s makeup was that it was fairly simple but amazingly effective, with the two main features of the look being her gorgeous cat eyes and her dab of Givenchy lipstick. To make this step even easier, there are countless video tutorials on the web that can teach exactly how to get the Golightly look.

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