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10 Spooky Television Shows to Get You Ready for Halloween ...

By Shannon

No matter the time of year, spooky television shows remind me of fall and Halloween. I love the cool air and pumpkin-spiced everything. Now that fall is finally here that also means Halloween is just around the corner! It’s on its way and bringing with it all things orange, black, scary, and fun! Below are ten spooky television shows that are sure to help you get ready for Halloween.

1 Sleepy Hollow

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a scary story classic! Sleepy Hollow the television show finds the Headless Horseman still in pursuit of Ichabod Crane. This retelling of the classic story transports the pair to modern day New York. The story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman is creepy and unforgettable, and makes for one of the best spooky television shows. As you prepare for the Halloween season, start your spooky viewing with "Sleepy Hollow."

2 Teen Wolf

The "Teen Wolf" television series brings the werewolf lore front and center to TV. This show has great visual effects. The transformation from human teenager to brooding werewolf looks flawless and the story is pretty scary. High school is busy and complicated enough. Add to that experience the responsibility of trying to not bite anyone each time there is a full moon!


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3 The Vampire Diaries

Every year there seems to be a new movie or television show about vampires. "The Vampire Diaries" is a great addition to this. This show focuses on two brothers that happen to be vampires and also happen to be in love with the same girl! The makeup and visual effects are great and the story is juicy! A love triangle, great clothes, and a great take on the classic vampire lore - this show has it all.

4 Secret Circle

Halloween is not complete without a good story connected with witches and spell casting. "Secret Circle" delivers a great story of a first-time reluctant female witch. The new girl in town gets to know her new home and befriends a group of kids from school. Together the group forms a coven and in the process kicks the spiritual environment of her town into high gear! The show has crazy love triangles, possession, and loads of spell casting.

5 Ghost Adventures

Okay, this television show is more about the hosts than it is about the ghosts, however, between the muscle shots are spooky images of ghostly apparitions and scary audio recordings of disembodied sounds. The show follows the trio as they travel to haunted locations across the country investigating reports of paranormal activity. The variety of places and people the group visit will amaze you. "Ghost Adventures" is scary-fun.

6 Being Human

When you think of Halloween, do you envision vampires, ghosts, and werewolves? Well, you’re in luck because "Being Human" has all three! The main characters are a trio of friends who happen to be a vampire, ghost, and werewolf. The show follows the group as they try to navigate the human world from their position as supernatural beings. The show has wonderfully spooky transformations, struggles, and heart-wrenching tales of love.

7 Long Island Medium

It never fails that each year someone dresses as a psychic for Halloween. The costume usually includes long-flowing skirts, scarves, and loads of jewelry. "Long Island Medium" focuses on a psychic-medium who dresses like a soccer mom and speaks with a New Jersey accent. Love it! She’s warm and funny and capable of speaking with the dead and conveying messages from them to their loved ones.

8 Once upon a Time

Imagine that Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty are transported to the twenty first century with boggled memories of their former lives. They also have husbands and offspring, and live in the same town. Oh, yeah, and the entire town is controlled by the evil queen! "Once Upon A Time" brings this new, twisted story to television. The show follows a mother who stumbles in to a New England town and gets tangled up in the overpowering spookiness that permeates everything and everyone.

9 Grimm

Have you ever wondered what happened to the fairytale creatures from your childhood storybooks? In the television show "Grimm," creatures of the night and fairytale lore still exist. They live side-by-side with town residents. Hidden in plain sight, disguised as regular people, the creatures are plentiful and wreaking havoc among the population on the run from the Grimm. Tasked with the joint purpose of protecting the town from terror, the Grimm and his werewolf partner seek out nefarious creatures of fairytale lore.

10 It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (a Classic)

Okay, this isn’t exactly a spooky television show but no Halloween viewing suggestion list is complete without this classic! "It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is a heart-warming story that reminds us that costumes and trick-or-treating are fun parts of this spooky Halloween time. The pumpkin patch scene and memorable costumes are classic.

October 31 is here and I’m ready for some Halloween dress up fun! These spooky television shows will help set the mood and inspire costume ideas. Do you have a favorite spooky television show? Please, share!

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