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When a TV show is on hiatus, there is no fun to be had for anyone. There’s a pretty good chance that you just witnessed a cliffhanger so insane that it inspired you to create a countdown on your phone, and you’re wishing it was September, like, yesterday. Never fear, though, follow these simple tips for when a TV show is on hiatus, and the months will fly by!

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When a TV show is on hiatus, you can always re-watch your favorite episodes. Gather your friends who love your favorite show for a re-watch, watch on your own, or even re-watch with people who have never seen the show before! No matter how you decide to re-watch the show, it will help make the hiatus fly by!


Find Friends Who Love It

There are a few ways you can go about finding a friend who loves your favorite show. You can force all of your friends to watch it until they’re just as obsessed as you are. You can find people to talk to on social media who are already just as obsessed as you are. Maybe, in an even easier world, your friends already love the show! Having friends who love your favorite TV show as much as you do can make hiatuses worlds easier!


Get Creative

Use your skill to help move the hiatus along. If you love to draw, make some fan art. If you love to write, try your hand at fan fiction. There are so many creative outlets for you to explore. If you don’t have a creative outlet to try out, you could even try something less creative, like organizing live-tweets with other fans. No matter which outlet you try, ultimately you’re helping gain awareness of the show while helping yourself cope with the hiatus!


Find Other Outlets

Find something similar to the show you love so much. If it’s based on a book, spend the hiatus reading the book or series. If your favorite TV show often has a ton of references to other movies or TV shows, try out those movies and TV shows. Chances are, there’s something connected to your favorite TV show on hiatus to help you cope with the hiatus.


Look for New Information

If your favorite show is already in production again, start looking for new information. Chances are, someone’s posting information about the new season somewhere. You may have to search a little harder to find spoilers, however, you can probably find on-set pictures by just a few simple searches on Twitter.


Find a New Show

If worse comes to worse, you can always find a new show to watch. There are usually a ton of shows that air during the summer, but if you can’t find a summer show you love, try Netflix. Netflix is the perfect antidote for summer hiatuses, because you can find entire series to binge-watch in a few minutes.


Go outside

At the end of the day, just try to go outside. It’s summer. Enjoy the weather. Your TV shows will be waiting for you when it starts to snow again. They’re not going anywhere! Enjoy the summer rather than wait around for your show to come back!

What show are you desperately waiting for to come back? How are you coping? Let me know your own strategies in the comments!

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