8 Tasty Food TV Shows I Absolutely Couldn't Live without ...


8 Tasty Food TV Shows I Absolutely Couldn't Live without ...
8 Tasty Food TV Shows I Absolutely Couldn't Live without ...

I am a huge, huge fan of any and all food TV shows – especially those with a competition aspect to them! Food TV shows can be educational, can teach you how to use all of those kitchen gadgets properly but they can also teach you how to make tasty treats, easily! If you're looking for a food show to watch this week, you've got to take a look at my top 8 tasty and oh-so-helpful food shows that'll keep you on your toes in the kitchen!

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Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Who doesn't love a dive bar or even just a really good, homemade diner? I do! Guy is one of those hosts that really takes the time to explore diners, drive-ins, dives and everything in between! He'll show you what's affordable in your neighborhood and what's actually really good. This is one of the few food TV shows that go all over the country – so who knows, maybe Guy is on his way to your town next to explore your local, favorite diner!


Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations

If you want something outside of the country and really are interested in the culture of a country, this is the best show in the world for you! I love Anthony Bourdain. While some people think that he's a jerk, I actually think that he is pretty awesome and a great host.



Oh, Chopped is by far one of my favorite competition food shows. It's so interesting to watch as people come up with all kinds of different dishes – out of ingredients that don't normally go together! Who puts strawberry milk, veal, eggs and bread crumbs together in one dish? Chopped does!


Top Chef

Now, no food show list would be complete without having Top Chef on here. I love every version of Top Chef and every city that they've been to. Whether it is Top Chef All Stars, Top Chef Masters or Top Chef: Just Desserts, I love everything. The judges are amazing, the concept is incredible and those chefs are talented!


Master Chef

If you are a home cook and you're looking to do something with Ramsey, this is the ultimate show for you! I love this show. I think that it is a genius idea and I absolutely love Gordon Ramsey. Gordon, while hard, is definitely one of the fairer chefs out there.


Good Eats

Learning something about food or about the tools that you are using is important when you are trying to cook. Cooking is a skill, remember, and not everyone can do it – so Good Eats with Alton Brown makes it possible to understand where food comes from! He goes over certain things in every episode and I love it. I love the concept, I love learning and he's awesome and makes it fun!


The Best Thing I Ever Ate

This is another one of those shows that could help you find a really tasty restaurant right in your backyard! Chefs from all of the Food Network shows really give up the goods on where they eat and what they love. They will go over specific dishes that they love and even give out the info about where you can find it!


Cupcake Wars

Finally, cupcakes are hot right now and a huge trend – and that is why Cupcake Wars is such a success! I love the host, love the competition and love all of the different challenges that are on this show! It's ideal for someone that is looking to get into a show that has a food concept but isn't about cooking!

So, these are all of my favorite TV food shows. I love every one of them for different reasons and trust me, my entire DVR is filled with them at every given time! What are some of your favorite food TV shows?

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Iron Chef, Hell's Kitchen

Love All Of Those Shows!

Food Safari is great, but think its only on in Australia... I also love Nigella... She's such a domestic Goddess!

Triple D... So awesome!

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