8 Tear-Worthy Movie Weddings ...


The only thing I love better than a book that makes me cry is a movie that does, and so often the movies that make me cry the most are the ones with weddings in them. It doesn't have to be a sad movie or even a drama – plenty of the wedding scenes found in romantic comedies and the like can make me cry, too. I'm just ridiculously sentimental that way! In light of the recently passed royal wedding, I decided to make a list of the most tear-worthy movie weddings. Feel free to add to it!

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Tula and Ian


There's no reason in the world I should consider the ceremony here a tear-worthy movie wedding – but I do. It doesn't matter that the title alone tells that there is, without question, going to be a wedding. Tula and Ian went through so much, and there was something so realistic yet dreamy about their relationship, that every time I get to the wedding scene near the end, I cry like an absolute child. The ceremony itself is just gorgeous, and if I didn't know who Nia's real β€œIan” was, I'd insist she needed to be married to John Corbett!

Gone with the Wind: Scarlett and Rhett
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