7 Teen Shows You Can Enjoy at Any Age ...


I’ve often found that some of the funniest comedies on TV aren’t actually for my age group. Lately, a lot of the really funny comedies on TV have been for the teenage demographic. Whether you’re looking for a bit of teenage nostalgia or you’ve simply run out of shows to binge-watch, these are the teen shows that you should be watching no matter your age!

1. Girl Meets World

Girl Meets World is a great show on its own, but if you were a kid who loved Boy Meets World, you’re even more likely to love it. It’s one of the few Disney Channel shows that has attracted a variety of ages—at first because of the 90s nostalgia, and now because people can still relate to the storylines like they could when Boy Meets World was on TV!

Liv and Maddie
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