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The Disney Movie You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

If you were to ask any person in the world what their favourite Disney movie was, I’m sure they would be able to give you an answer in seconds. The childhood animations that we grow up with are always the ones that we hold more dear to our hearts, but does your personal favourite actually match up with what astrology has to say on the matter? Here is the Disney movie you are according to your zodiac sign!

1 Aries

You are outspoken and adventurous, you refuse to let anything get the better of you and you never fail. Pocahontas is the movie for you!

2 Taurus

You are kind of eccentric and outside of the box, so your Disney movie is more of an underrated classic than a well known and beloved one, something like the Emperor’s New Groove!

3 Gemini

You feel most at home when out in nature and the longer you can be out under the sun, the better you feel. In many ways, Tarzan is your perfect go-to animated movie.

4 Cancer

Cancers are compassionate people with a lot of heart, willing to help anyone with anything, kind of like the cast of characters that come together to help Nemo and his papa find one another against all the odds. Finding Nemo is definitely for you.

5 Leo

Duh, it’s obviously The Lion King! Not only does it match your Leo associations, but it also possesses that brave, fiery spirit that you have in abundance.

6 Virgo

You are the kind of who can be very shy and feel like you haven’t experienced much in the wide world, but don’t worry, your time will come! Just like Rapunzel in Tangled!

7 Libra

You are adventurous and courageous, and you have a serious case of wanderlust. An adventure set on the other side of the world is perfect for you, like Aladdin!

8 Scorpio

You are a hard worker who knows how to succeed in everything and anything that you do. You have the spirit of Hercules, so it makes sense that you Disney movie should follow suit!

9 Sagittarius

You are a hopeless romantic and dreamer, you have big aspirations and you truly believe that they can all come true one day. Very much Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

10 Capricorn

You are another real hard worker, but in equal measure, you sure do know how to have a good time! You never give up, just like Tiana in The Princess And The Frog!

11 Aquarius

You are a very forward-thinking person, so a lot of the traditional fairy tales don’t really do it for you. You are much likely to enjoy something like Big Hero 6!

12 Pisces

You aren’t a typically girly girl and you hate being pigeonholed as one thing or another, you wish everyone would just accept you for who you are. You will find a lot to love about Mulan.

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