10 Things Disney Princesses Taught Me ...

Growing up, I (like most of you) had three main role models in my life — my mom, my sister, and the Disney Princesses! I loved watching the Disney Princess movies, dreaming of my Prince Charming that awaited me in the future and the adventures I would have. Although many people have recently pointed out the negative lessons the Disney Princesses teach, I'm here to set the record straight! Here are the 10 things Disney Princesses taught me.

1. Snow White

Of course we have to start off this list with the first ever Disney Princess, Snow White. Snow White taught me one of the simplest lessons ever, don't eat food from strangers! Keep this in mind when you're out at a bar and some random guy brings you a drink! Besides that obvious lesson, she also taught me to have a positive outlook on every situation, be kind to everyone, and that sometimes beauty has its negative side (like jealousy and hate from others). Being made in 1937, Snow White did have some qualities that today may seem unfavorable, like needing to be rescued by a man and that she was only wanted in the seven dwarves' house because she could cook and clean. But this movie was written in a different time period than ours and instead of finding the vintage negative lessons, concentrate on the positive!