11 Times Hollywood Got Gay Love Right ...


Attitudes to gay love have come a long way over the decades. And with that the depiction and narration of this love in television and movies has changed – for the better. Movies on gay love are beautiful and inspirational and here are the 11 times (in no particular order) I think Hollywood got gay love right.

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The Broken Hearts Club: a Romantic Comedy (2000)

A fun watch, this movie follows the lives of a group of gay friends in Hollywood and does so without delving into clichés about coming out of the closet or dealing with HIV etc. It’s a story about normal people leading normal people lives. And it’s lovely.


Trick (1999)

Another fun and light movie, Trick is funny and a feel-good boy meets boy movie, with a plot you wouldn’t really imagine in a gay movie.


Maurice (1987)

Based on the novel of the same name, Maurice is a touching and beautiful gay love story movie set in the early 20th century. It follows the life of Maurice from childhood through young adulthood.


The Trip (2002)

A story about gay love, politics and coming out of the closet and accepting yourself, The Trip is about two men who meet in the 1970s and how their relationship unfurls over the years.


The Birdcage (1996)

One of my favorite movies, The Birdcage stars the brilliant Robin Williams and Nathan Lane as a middle aged (awesome) gay couple that owns and lives above a drag club. The twist in the tale is their straight son and his conservative prospective in-laws who come for a visit. Hilarious and fun, this movie never gets boring!


Brokeback Mountain (2005)

No list on gay love is complete without this movie. Based on a short story of the same name, this multi-award winning movie portrays the complexity and difficulty of a homosexual relationship in the 1960s. A brave movie, this is a movie for the serious movie watcher.


Beautiful Thing (1996)

The story of two boys, Jamie and Ste, Beautiful Thing is set in London and takes you through the ups and downs of teenagers figuring out who they are and discovering love. A definite watch for anyone looking for a feel-good, well-made movie.


The Wedding Banquet (1993)

Another Ang Lee movie (along with Brokeback Mountain), The Wedding Banquet is the story of a gay Taiwanese man who has to hide his sexual orientation from his traditional parents by marrying a girl. This comedy-drama focuses on several relationships and interactions and is a lovely movie for how real it is without going OTT.


Get Real (1998)

A story about coming to terms with one’s own sexuality amidst all the angst and drama of teenage peer pressure and the taboo surrounding homosexuality, Get Real is a wonderful movie and a must watch for teenagers everywhere.


My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)

An absolutely wonderful movie, My Beautiful Laundrette is based in London and tells the story of a young Pakistani man and his renewed romance with a white street punk and their becoming business partners. Issues of homosexuality as well as racism are discussed in this movie, making it unique in this genre.


Big Eden (2000)

A gay artist returns to his hometown to discover he might still have feelings for his high school crush while being oblivious to someone else who might be falling in love with him. A feel-good movie about gay love, this is devoid of any homophobia or other gay clichés. A beautiful movie and a definite watch.

Filmmakers have been portraying gay love through their work for decades and it’s always interesting to see different interpretations of homosexuality, accepting yourself and standing up to society and clichés of love, especially when they get it so right. Do you have any suggestions of your own to add to this list?

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No "I love you Phillip Morris?"

Pride is also a good movie. It's based off a real story, so some people might think it's dull, and it doesn't focus on a relationship, but it really is an amazing movie

Really??? No lesbian film!? Come on!

I loved The Birdcage!

Lilyberp, I thought exactly the same thing, but I was making another point when I wrote my comment.

I noticed that the title says Hollywood but...I prefer the Italian version of Bird Cage ( the original) by far. Death in Venice is a glorious film about the topic. My question is: why is it difficult for Americans to watch films from other countries? There's a lot important stuff you've been missing!

Maybe lesbian movies will be its own article?


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