8 Tips on How to Become a Reality TV Star ...


8 Tips on How to Become a Reality TV Star ...
8 Tips on How to Become a Reality TV Star ...

No matter what you think of them, no-one can deny that reality TV stars seem to be in the ascendency. But, how to become a reality TV star, and perhaps more importantly, why? Is this everyone taking the idea of their fifteen minutes of 15 to the extreme, mere opportunism, or failed actresses and actors and would be entertainers simply looking for an easier route to fame and fortune? It is arguable that reality TV stars have no talent but many of them go on to forge very successful careers. With every program being different and each wannabe an individual, just who is best placed to advise on how to become a reality star? Right here is a good place to start, with my 8 Tips on How to Become a Reality TV Star taken from those who have been there and done it, and are now wearing the T-shirt.

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Who Are You?

Being yourself doesn’t cut it if you want to become a TV reality star. Normal isn’t good TV. Anyone can see ‘normal’ at Wal-Mart or Starbucks, or in the office, any day of the week. Choose the reality show persona that most closely fits your personality and cultivate it - figure out if you’re the gossip, the backstabber, the conniver, the mother hen or even the slut.


Get Picked as a Contestant

No-brainer – right? The only way infallible answer to the question of how to become a reality star is to get on a show. You need to mount a solid campaign. Stick sites such as sirlinksalot.net and realitywanted.com in your favorites and look at them regularly. You can also bookmark the TV/Film/Video page for your area in Craigslist, plus don’t forget to watch the web pages of your favorite reality shows.


Have a Ruthless Strategy

Reality TV stars are rarely made of the nicest, friendliest, and least contentious character. Whilst you shouldn’t go all out for controversy, you need to also avoid becoming dispensable or a bit part player. Knowing how to be a reality TV star is accepting you need to be ruthless. It isn’t about making friends or worrying about what people think. It’s about winning. Once you’ve become a reality star, you can show the world just how nice you really are.


Think before You Speak

You do not become a reality star by alienating the audience, and making people detest you. Avoid controversial topics and statements such as Hitler was misunderstood, or gays who get married will burn in hell, even if you really think this. Take the middle, least contentious road, but, don’t stay silent either; you don’t want people to think you are an airhead or unable to present your views. Letting a strong opinion slip out, puts you in the position for the other contestants to bait you. If you can, avoid all arguments, but if conflict arises, you have to come out on top, by fair means, not foul.


Make a Special Friend

Reality viewers just love the whiff of romance. It might mean that in your quest to become a reality TV star, you have to become rather shallow. Choose a fellow star you know the audience will love and cultivate the relationship. If you like them, fine, if not, you can walk away from them once they’ve served their purpose. (I did say you need to be ruthless!) You can keep the audience guessing for a long time with a will they, won’t they scenario.


Leave the Host Alone

Getting off with the show’s host is not advisable. Using the casting couch is not how to become a reality star. In this game, it is the audience that decides your fate, not the host, nor producer, nor director … (although I’m not too sure about Simon Cowell!).


Have a Story

If you have a ‘hook’ - milk it. If you were abandoned when you were a baby, use the show to send a heartfelt plea for your mother to get in touch. If you’ve recently been jilted, get your revenge on national TV. Tell the audience you’re doing it for the kids, to promote world peace, to save the whales, you’ll donate the prize money to a little boy with cancer who wants to go to Disneyland … you get the picture.


Maintaining Your Fame

Don’t be a flash in the pan. You learned how to become a TV star, you sweated blood and tears and you made it. You obviously aren’t going to be happy with fifteen minutes so you’ll need to work just as hard at keeping your new found fame, if not harder, than you did getting it. Be all over the media like a rash. Get those lucrative engagements flooding in. Go to the opening of an envelope, cut supermarket ribbons, even judge beauty pageants and definitely engage a great agent who can teach you how to pick and choose to give you a long and rewarding career.

Are you the next budding reality star? Follow these tips on how to become a reality TV star, and do let us know they helped when your picture is all over Hello magazine!

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