9 Tips to Throwing a Great Oscars Party ...


We can’t all be an A-list celeb, but we can feel like the next best thing with these tips for throwing a great Oscars party. There are a lot of details in perfecting a party based on one of Hollywood’s most glamorous nights, but with some effort, it is entirely possible. While you may not get to rub elbows with A-list celebs, follow these tips for throwing a great Oscars party, and you will feel like you're in the middle of all of the action.

1. Glam Decorations

Like most parties, the first of the many tips for throwing a great Oscars party starts with the decorations. The Oscars are a night where the stars come out and celebrate the best and brightest in Hollywood, and your party should reflect that. You could go classic and stick with black and gold decorations such as balloons, award cutouts, and a gold backdrop for the perfect photos of the night.

The Guest List
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