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By Kelly

We can’t all be an A-list celeb, but we can feel like the next best thing with these tips for throwing a great Oscars party. There are a lot of details in perfecting a party based on one of Hollywood’s most glamorous nights, but with some effort, it is entirely possible. While you may not get to rub elbows with A-list celebs, follow these tips for throwing a great Oscars party, and you will feel like you're in the middle of all of the action.

1 Glam Decorations

Like most parties, the first of the many tips for throwing a great Oscars party starts with the decorations. The Oscars are a night where the stars come out and celebrate the best and brightest in Hollywood, and your party should reflect that. You could go classic and stick with black and gold decorations such as balloons, award cutouts, and a gold backdrop for the perfect photos of the night.

2 The Guest List

The right guest list is one of the most important parts of throwing a great party, no matter what the theme. Select your friends who are genuinely excited about watching the Oscars and are passionate about movies. The last thing you want is to invite someone who till talk through the entire show and make snide remarks every chance they get.

3 The Soundtrack

No party is complete without a soundtrack. While most of the night will be spent eagerly awaiting who will be awarded what, before the awards actually start, set the mood with the right soundtrack. You could follow Oscars tradition and play some jazzy instrumental music, or you can pump your guests up with some pop music like Justin Timberlake; whatever will get your guests feeling like they are an A-list celeb about to win their most prized award.

4 Black Tie Affair

How can you enjoy an Oscars party if everyone is lounging around in their sweatpants? The Oscars are a night for well-tailored suits and gorgeous ball gowns. While we can’t all wear custom made designer outfits with millions of dollars worth of diamonds on our neck, we can still make it a black tie affair.

5 Paparazzi

Make your guests feel like superstars by rolling out the red carpet…literally. Set up a red carpet with fabulous backdrop to make the your party photos look like you are actually there. Have all of your friends rotate taking pictures for one another and then share them at the end of the night.

6 Fabulous Menu

While you can’t feast on multiple courses of a meal like the stars do, you can still enjoy some delicious finger food while you watch. To avoid having to sit down or clean up a mess later, stick to small finger foods on buffet like pigs in a blanket and cut fruit. Small indulgences like cupcakes and cookies are perfect for dessert afterwards. Let your guests enjoy their finger food while being able to sit in front of the TV.

7 Drinks All around

The Oscars are a night filled with glitz and glamour, and what is any glamorous event without a nice bottle of champagne. For larger parties, make some champagne punch and put it in a large bowl with some fruit garnish. For smaller, more intimate parties, flutes of champagne are the perfect accessories to any black tie outfit while watching the Oscars.

8 Make It a Game

Just watching the Oscars is great, but it is even more fun if you make a game out of it. Print out ballots for each category and give them to your guests as they enter. Have them mark off who they think will win each award. The guest who gets the most awards right will win something cute like their very own Oscar award. Not to mention bragging rights.

9 Goodies & Swag

If only we could afford the great swag bags the celebrities get on their way out of the Oscars. Instead, you can put together tiny swag bags of your own for your guests. You can include things like a gift card to the movies, a bag of popcorn, and something Hollywood related like a keychain or bottle opener. It will keep the Oscars fun going even past the night.

Everyone wishes they could attend the Oscars, and with these greats tips for throwing a great Oscars party, you won’t know the difference between Hollywood and your living room. You may not be schmoozing with Hollywood’s best, but in the end, all the really matters is that you are enjoying yourself with your friends. What did you think about these tips for throwing a great Oscars party? What are some other tips you have to throwing an Oscars party? Have you ever thrown an Oscars party before and what was it like?

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