Top 20 Actors with the Hottest Bodies That'll Make You Drool ...

Now, I am not typically one that is all about the body, but these actors with the hottest bodies are to-die-for! These bodies are not only incredible, but the guys are super hot too! If you're constantly looking at Channing Tatum's abs or drooling over Justin Timberlake's hipbones, take a look at my top 20 actors with the hottest bodies around!

1. Channing Tatum

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No actors with the hottest bodies list would be complete without this stud! This guy is not only hot, not only a fantastic actor, but his abs? He's got one of the best bodies I've ever seen and his personality? I love it! He's all around a great guy with a bad-boy edge and it makes him that much more attractive!

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