7 Trippy Music Videos ...


7 Trippy Music Videos ...
7 Trippy Music Videos ...

What makes trippy music videos so unique are the visuals that make them stand apart from other music videos. Some have an underlying message and some are just pure shenanigans. Either way, here are some of the trippy music videos I have seen. Enjoy and maybe you will be just as confused as I was after watching these.

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First of the Year (Equinox) by Skrillex

Watch this music video and you will understand why it is on the list of trippy music videos. Not only does it include a seriously creepy guy, it includes an even creepier little girl. I personally find creepy little kids at the top of my list of things that I dislike so you can imagine how trippy I find this video. Skrillex’s intense music combined with the insane concept of this music video are definitely enough to earn it a spot on this list.


Around the World by Daft Punk

Anyone who has ever seen this video knows it is such a trippy music video. It has everything from creepy characters like tall grey men to men in skeleton outfits, to weird ladies in '60s bathing suits. Add in their repetitive robotic motions and you are bound to feel pretty out of it after watching this music video.


Fjögur Píanó by Sigur Ros

This music video was made famous by the full frontal nudity of star Shia LaBeouf but don’t think this is anything similar to The Transformers. Personally, I am not really sure what this song or even music video is about, but that is what makes it so trippy. The music is absolutely mesmerizing but the video is pretty weird. Maybe if you watch it you can tell me what it is about, but as of now, all I got from it was something about a lollipop, a butterfly, and some pretty interpretive dance moves.


Flying Lotus by MmmHmm

I do not condone smoking marijuana, but after watching this music video, I have the suspicious feeling that MmmHmm does. It might have something to do with a lady wrapped up in leaves with grass growing it out her head, but who knows?


Time to Pretend by MGMT

Any video that starts off with people in crazy costumes running around a bonfire belongs on a list of trippy music videos. There might be an underlying message that MGMT wanted to express in this video, but it is absolutely lost on me. But I am not opposed to watching giant cats running around in the background while the band members burn money and take communion.


Uprising by Muse

This is probably the least trippy video on this list, and that is not saying much. In a dark post-apocalyptic toy world, Muse rides around in a pick up truck as everything around them blows up. It is a simple enough concept, right? But then comes in the zombie teddy bears. You have to see it to believe it. The incredible music of Muse is just an insane perk of this trippy music video.


The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins by Leonard Nimoy

Read that song title one more time. Now read the artist one more time. Your eyes are not lying to you. The song name is “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins,” as in The Hobbit. The artist is Leonard Nimoy, as in Spock from Star Trek. Do I really need to say more?

Trippy music videos are not for everyone. But if you are ever in the mood to sit around and be extremely confused about what you are watching, try viewing some of these options. What are some other trippy music videos you have seen? Do you enjoy watching trippy music videos?

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When I was younger I was so scared about the daft punk video clip! Now it's one of my favourite!

Daft Punk's Technologic, if I remember right, it very weird.

yung repunxel by azealia banks is one of the trippiest videos I've seen in my life

The music video to radioactive by imagine dragons is kind if trippy too. It's basically about stuffed animals fighting to the death...

Naked Shia... Tempting...

I only just recently found out that Leonard Nimoy sings and I was completely shocked lol. As a huge Star Trek nerd I must find his music.

All of these videos are so amazing, but I love daft punk &#x 2764; Around the World has always been my favorite!

Ha ha time to pretend is still a goo song

Omg first if the year = nightmares!!

If you look really closely in some music videos, you will see a lot of satanisim and illuminati symbolism but they do it so subliminally most people don't even realize it and that's trippy to me!

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