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10 TV Characters I'd Love to Date ...

By Lydia

I thought this would be the easiest article to write since it’s just TV characters I’d love to date, but I was very wrong! If you watch as much TV as I do, you tend to get a lot of crushes, so picking just ten was no picnic. There are so many lovable guys on TV these days! So let’s take a look at some, but definitely not all, of the TV characters I’d love to date.

1 Nick Miller

Oh Nick Miller, how I love you! Out of all of the guys on this list, Nick from “New Girl” seems to be not only the funniest, but the most realistic too. Nick is a perpetually angry person and he tries to hide it with sarcasm and wit. It doesn’t hurt that he’s so cute and obsessed with writing a zombie book. Nick probably doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that a lot of girls would want to date and that’s because he isn’t, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the TV characters I'd love to date.

2 Rory Williams

It’s hard not to tell the many reasons I love Rory from “Doctor Who” without giving away vital information on the show. Basically what it comes down to is that he is a guy that was willing to give up his normal life to explore all of time and space with the love of his life. This may not seem like a lot, but the love of his life was actually interested in somebody else at the time. He traveled with her through all of time and space and almost lost her countless times, but he always fought to get her back. That’s what every girl needs: a guy that is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her around.


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3 Jim Halpert

Who doesn’t love Jim and his perfect relationship!? Seriously he is the most patient, kind, persistent, and hilarious TV character that I have seen in a really long time. What I love about Jim is that he’s the kind of guy you could be best friends with, fall in love with, or better yet have him be your best friend that you fall in love with. He’s one of those people who you may not find attractive right away, but their personality makes up for it a million times over because they’re so amazing. I don’t know if you could tell, but I totally have a crush on Jim Halpert.

4 Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester from “Supernatural” has made my heart go pitter patter for eight seasons now. I can’t help but love him! In the first few seasons he was the nerdy guy that was always doing research and didn’t really get too into the fighting part of the show and I thought it was adorable. As the seasons have gone on though, he’s become more of a fighter, but still has that bookish side to him. It doesn’t hurt that he has a nice body, is really tall, and not too bad to look at either.

5 Jason Stackhouse

I love “True Blood.” It’s filled with great story lines, awesome characters, and super cute guys. Jason Stackhouse is one of the only good looking guys who also isn’t a supernatural being; while that doesn’t stop me from loving them, dating a vampire or werewolf seems like it comes with a lot of baggage. Jason seemed to be a jerk in the early seasons, which didn’t stop me from liking him either, but throughout the seasons he’s shown that he really does have a heart of gold. How am I supposed to resist him now?! The answer is that I can’t and I’m totally fine with that.

6 Smith Jared

I was too young to watch “Sex and the City” when it was on the first time around, but in the last few months my friend turned me on to the show and I completely fell for a few of the guys. The reason I chose Smith Jared comes down to one scene and one scene only. When Samantha has cancer and decides to shave her head, Smith sees how upset she is and shaves his head in support of her. My description of the scene does it absolutely no justice at all because to understand how great it is, you just have to see it. It makes my heart melt every time.

7 Ezra Fitz

From episode one of “Pretty Little Liars,” I had a massive crush on Ezra Fitz. Did it bother me that he was a teacher dating one of his students? Probably not as much as it should have, but I just can’t help but adore him. Not only is he super cute, but he’s also really into literature, which is nice because I love to read. Ezra is also really sweet and cares a lot about the people close to him. I don’t know what else to say other than, whenever he’s on the screen, I can’t help but swoon and get a little weak in the knees.

8 Patrick Jane

As much as I’d love to date Patrick Jane from “The Mentalist,” he would not want to date me. Throughout the entire show he has shown interest in maybe two women and let’s just say that neither went well. This is because his wife died in the pilot episode and he hasn’t and probably will never get over it. I still can’t help but love him though. He is filled with quick wit that is constantly making me smile and he’s really smart and observant. It helps that he’s a nice dresser and very easy on the eyes.

9 Don Draper

Nobody who watches “Mad Men” should want to date Don Draper, but seriously, who can blame all of us who want to! Yes, he’s a womanizer. Yes, he cheats on the women he’s with. Yes, trusting him would be a bad idea. I’m definitely not helping my case, but seriously, have you seen him?! It’s not just his looks, but there’s something about him that just draws you in and you can’t help but get a little gaga over him. Part of what I love about him is that he really cares about his kids, is creative, seems to love his job, and his arrogance and sarcasm somehow help too. He may not be the best boyfriend, but since I’m not really dating him, why not put him on the list?

10 Alex Karev

I don’t what is it about Alex Karev, but ever since I started watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” I have had a massive crush on him. Yes, he’s really nice to look at, but other than that, he doesn’t really seem to have much going for him. Part of why I like him so much is that he’s been through a lot of stuff in his background story and continues to go through a lot on the show, but no matter what he always gets through it. He’s become a really strong character. He’s also really funny and when he cares about someone, he cares with his whole heart. He’s like a wounded puppy that I want to nurse back to health. That’s not too weird…is it?

It was so hard to narrow down all of my TV crushes to just ten! I’m sure there are a lot that other people would have put on their list and I don’t blame them; there are a lot of dateable characters. Who do you disagree with? Who would you have put on your list?

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