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7 TV Quotes about Friendship ...

By Lydia

I love to read TV quotes about friendship because quotes always make me smile. I used to collect quotes and write them down in notebooks, but unfortunately I got rid of that notebook, which made this article a little hard to write. Who doesn’t love their friends?! Let’s take a look at some TV quotes about friendship that put a smile on my face.

1 “Lose One Friend. Lose All Friends. Lose Yourself.”

This is probably one of my favorite quotes from “Boy Meets World,” as well as one of my favorite TV quotes about friendship. In this episode, the main cast is no longer friends, but they are brought together by their teacher’s retirement. While they’re all together, Eric walks in with his manifesto, but there is only one line written and it’s this quote. I love this because of how true it is. Without our friends we can become so alone that we forget who we are. I hate to say that I “need” people, but when it comes down to it, we all need our friends.

2 “Maybe We Could Be Each Other’s Soul Mates. and Men Could Be These Great, Nice Guys to Have Fun with.”

Charlotte from “Sex and the City” is definitely my favorite character and this has to be one of my favorite lines that she says in the entire series. This is how I’ve thought of my best friends since I was in middle school. I remember me and my best friend talking and her saying that maybe we’re the soul mates, not the guys we end up with. The first time I ever heard this quote, I was so happy to see that we weren’t the only ones who believed in that idea. Our friends are the people we’re meant to be with.

3 “so Friends?” “I’d Say Family”

I’ve never watched “Friday Night Lights,” but when I was looking for quotes, I fell in love with this one. Who doesn’t have friends that we consider family? I know that I do and it’s one of the best feelings there is. This quote goes along with the idea that we can choose the people that we consider to be family. It may be the shortest quote on the list, but I think it get the point across about how much our friends can really mean to us.

4 “Feelings Can Change, Passion Will Fade, Partners Will Come and Go, but through It All . . . One Thing Remains Sacred: Friendship”

Some people may disagree with this “Dawson’s Creek” quote because there are times that friendships end just like relationships. Where I see a flaw in that thinking is that if a friendship is true, then it won’t fade. Even though friends may grow apart and come back together, what really matters is that people are there for you when you need them. I love this quote because I like to think that when you find the right people, they won’t leave you.

5 “Some People Need Dozens of Friends to Say, ‘Hey, Look at Me, I'm Popular.’ but Not Me. I'm Very Picky. I Need Three, Maybe Two. when You Meet That Someone Special, You'll Just Know. Because a Real Relationship, It... It Can't Be Forced. It Should Just Come about Effortlessly.”

“The Office” isn’t usually the kind of show that has deep moments, but every so often they have gems like this that really stand out. This quote hits home because I choose to have a small group of friends that I trust rather than a large group of people I just like. What I also love about this quote is that it is said by Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott, who seems like the least wise character. You don’t have to be smart or wise to be able to identify how deep or meaningful a relationship is.

6 “if I Murdered Someone She’s the Person I’d Call to Help Me Drag the Corpse across the Living Room Floor. She’s My Person.”

I love this “Greys’s Anatomy” quote. Of course not everyone sits around thinking about who they would need in a situation like this, but I have found that sometimes hypothetical conversations do come up. Even if you don’t need someone to help you hide a body, it’s always nice to know that you can trust someone to be there for you no matter what. Something I always loved about “Grey’s” are the friendships and this quote definitely helps to illustrate how great the friendships in this show are.

7 "... but the Thing is, Yeah. I Love You. I Love Crayon Breaky Willow and I Love Scary Veiny Willow. so if I'm Going out, It's Here. if You Wanna Kill the World, Well then Start with Me. I've Earned That”

I can’t hear this quote without wanting to cry. That may seem crazy, but if you’ve seen the episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” then you understand why it gets me so emotional. Why I love this quote so much is because it really displays true love. Not love in a romantic sense, but the kind of love you have for your best friend. Xander loves Willow unconditionally and is willing to be her friend no matter what she’s going through.

Quotes about friends are always really sweet, but it was surprisingly hard to find ones that really stuck to me. Maybe you guys know some that I missed. Are there any quotes that you would have loved to see on this list? Which one of these is your favorite?

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