7 TV Shows Made from Movies ...


I don’t know that it’s ever a good idea to air TV shows made from movies. It doesn’t matter how successful a movie is, it usually doesn’t transfer well to TV. This doesn’t mean that the TV show will always be a flop because there have been a few exceptions to the rule. Here are seven TV shows made from movies, even though most of them weren’t the best idea.

1. Napoleon Dynamite

I’m not really a big fan of the movie “Napoleon Dynamite,” so I thought that was why I couldn’t get into the show, but I think it was just done poorly. FOX tried to add this to its animation domination line up, but it lasted all of six episodes before getting the ax. Sometimes movies are better left untouched, without any sequels or TV shows, and this is definitely one of them. The writers just seemed to be trying too hard to make this as popular as the movie, but clearly it didn’t work. This is probably one of the worst TV shows made from movies.

The Firm
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