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9 Very Memorable Quotes from Blair Waldorf ...

By Vanessa

There are countless quotes from Blair Waldorf that offer insight and wisdom. If you've watched Gossip Girl in its entirety, then you know what I'm talking about. Blair was easily my favorite character on TV when Gossip Girl was on! Check out some of the most memorable quotes from Blair Waldorf and then let me know what you took away from them.

1 Love

LoveThis is a line no Gossip Girl fan will ever forget. I can still picture the scene in my head - Chuck and Blair standing outside the White Party, while Blair awaits her ride home. Chuck begs her not to leave with another man, but there's only three words that would make Blair stay. I can't tell you how much I love that scene. I'm sure every fan of Chuck & Blair's relationship was on the edge of their seats. Even though Chuck didn't say the words right then and there, the episode where he does say it makes it worth the wait. This is just one of the quotes from Blair Waldorf I'll never forget.

2 Men

MenThis quote always makes me laugh, partly because it's so true! Blair always says the wittiest things. If you find yourself 'settling', turn the other way!


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3 New York

New YorkGossip Girl made a lot of fans fall in love with New York City. So much that you can even take a 'Gossip Girl' tour if you're ever around. But anyways, I love this quote! In New York, you're always surrounded by people. However, everyone's always so wrapped up in whatever they're doing/wherever they're going. So this quote rings true; you're always on your own even though you're never alone.

4 Destiny

DestinyThere are those who believe in fate and destiny and then there are those like Blair Waldorf. She's the kind of person who MAKES things happen. If you want something, go out and get it, right? Even though the idea of destiny and things happening for a reason is a very sweet idea to hold on to, never forget that YOU can create your own destiny.

5 Parties

PartiesBlair made it very clear that she is the one and only "Queen B". There was no party that should have kept her off the guest list. Of course, if she wasn't on the list, that just meant she HAD to make her way in. I actually really like how forward Blair is because that's exactly what you need to do; make yourself known and let them see why it isn't a real party without you.

6 Shopping

ShoppingI think all shopaholics looked up to (and possibly envied) Blair's wardrobe. There were countless outfits I wish I could borrow from her! Everyone's definition of happiness is entirely different but one thing's for sure, they don't call it "retail therapy" for nothing! Shopping definitely makes me smile.

7 Love Standards

Love StandardsBlair taught us the importance of knowing what you're worth. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. If you find yourself chasing someone, stop. No matter how much you love him, you are not just a stop along the way. You must ALWAYS be the destination.

8 Great Loves

Great LovesDon't be afraid to fall head over heels for someone. When you love somebody, it should be easy but it should also be something you work for every day. If things are a bit crazy, it only means you'll have one hell of a story to tell.

9 Faith

FaithWe should all live by Blair's logic. Have faith that things will work out but when it seems like things aren't looking so bright? Take a break with some mimosas. Does this logic work for you?

Well, there you have it. If you ask me, Blair Waldorf was one of the most "quotable" characters on TV. I absolutely loved her character because despite her "evil deeds", you could never doubt that she had a good heart. What Blair Waldorf quotes do you think were the most memorable?

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