7 Video Games That'll Make You Feel like You're Watching a Movie ...


Not all video games consist of shooting down enemies and racing cars on a track. Some of them have in depth stories that you'll be dying to finish. They'll let you take on the role of a character and control their actions and dialogue choices. That's why it'll actually feel more like you're watching an interactive movie than playing a game. If you like that idea, here are a few games you should check out:

1. Life is Strange

This is a story about your average college girl--except she's able to travel through time. After she learns about her powers, she does whatever she can to prevent her loved ones from getting hurt. Of course, it's never a good idea to mess with time, which is why her plans don't always end up working out. You'll be in charge of making the character's decisions, so make sure you give her a life to be proud of.

Until Dawn
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