Vlogmas Videos That'll Boost Your Christmas Cheer ...


Vlogmas Videos That'll Boost Your Christmas Cheer ...
Vlogmas Videos That'll Boost Your Christmas Cheer ...

Vlogmas in the land of YouTube is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Everything gets festive and everyone gets excited for Christmas! If you love Christmas but can’t get into the holiday spirit as much this year, you definitely need to check out this Vlogmas series. Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry, and some will be super informative. No matter what, though, every single one of these channels and their Vlogmas videos will make you feel festive, happy, cheery, and warm inside! These will cure even the biggest Grinch of not being in the holiday spirit!

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Zoe Sugg always goes all out when it comes to Vlogmas and this year is no different! She has a cute intro that features all of her pets. She always makes sure to do holiday things that get you in the festive mood, even if you aren’t feeling very festive! If you’re having trouble getting excited for Christmas, check out Zoe’s vlogs!



Jess has four kids and two stepkids, so needless to say, her Vlogmas videos are full of cute kids doing fun Christmas things! If you think little kids are the cutest, you’ll love watching her Vlogmas videos. She’s always doing cute stuff with her kids, plus she shows real life moments of what having 6 kids means!



Fleur always has some of my favorite Vlogmas videos every year! I feel like no two days are the same with Fleur! She’s always doing something crazy and exciting, and even when she’s not, her days at home with her husband Mike and their puppies are so much fun to watch! If you’re looking for exciting videos to watch this Vlogmas, check out Fleur’s videos!


Sprinkle of Glitter

Everyone on the Internet loves Louise, so it’s no surprise that her Vlogmas videos are always a huge success. Whether she’s traveling to London, hanging out with Zoe, or just doing something with her daughter, Darcy, her vlogs are always so adorable and fun, and that’s especially the case during Vlogmas!


Psycho Soprano

If you’ve ever been on the Internet, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve seen Colleen, even if you didn’t know it at the time. Whether she’s singing or filming ridiculous videos with her best friends or family, all of her videos are so much fun to watch, and that’s especially true when she does Vlogmas. Colleen goes all out for Christmas, decorating before it’s socially acceptable and reveling in the holiday spirit. If you can’t get in the holiday spirit, watch Colleen’s vlogs.


Miranda Sings

If you’re looking to laugh this Christmas, watch Colleen’s counterpart Miranda. Miranda’s doing Vlogmas as well this year, and her videos are hilarious. She’s always doing something crazy during Vlogmas, so she’s definitely a channel to subscribe to during Vlogmas this year!


Britney and Baby

I always love watching Britney’s channel, but it’s especially fun during Vlogmas. She has two kids and she always tries to do something fun and festive with them. Even if it’s something small, I guarantee that you’ll feel a little more festive after watching Britney’s Vlogmas videos!

What’s your favorite Vlogmas series to watch? Will you watch any of these? Do you watch any of these? Let me know which channels I should subscribe to in the comments!

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I have film our family but haven't upload it on YouTube just as home videos. Don't know if I should upload them to share with the world😮

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