7 Ways Sex and the City Ruined Our Lives ...


SATC mania might be over but have you ever thought about the Sex and the City influence on our lives? As much as I adored the fab four of Manhattan in their heyday, I canโ€™t help but think that the show did us a disfavor by leading us to believe certain things about New York, life as a single woman and so on. Still donโ€™t believe me? Keep reading this list to see if our beloved girls or Candice Bushnell and Darren Star mislead us about life!

1. Designer Everything

One of the foremost Sex and the City lies is that we can afford to be draped in designer duds at all times. Samantha and Miranda were career girls and Charlotte used to work in a museum. Carrie wrote a weekly column in a seemingly minor newspaper yet she always managed to look like a cover girl with the latest and greatest in designer wear and accessories whenever she stepped out. Sheโ€™s worse than Barbie and that bitch had everything!

Rent Control
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