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7 Ways Sex and the City Ruined Our Lives ...

By Lisa

SATC mania might be over but have you ever thought about the Sex and the City influence on our lives? As much as I adored the fab four of Manhattan in their heyday, I can’t help but think that the show did us a disfavor by leading us to believe certain things about New York, life as a single woman and so on. Still don’t believe me? Keep reading this list to see if our beloved girls or Candice Bushnell and Darren Star mislead us about life!

1 Designer Everything

One of the foremost Sex and the City lies is that we can afford to be draped in designer duds at all times. Samantha and Miranda were career girls and Charlotte used to work in a museum. Carrie wrote a weekly column in a seemingly minor newspaper yet she always managed to look like a cover girl with the latest and greatest in designer wear and accessories whenever she stepped out. She’s worse than Barbie and that bitch had everything!

2 Rent Control

I totally get that there are rent controlled apartments but another way Sex and the City influenced us was that we can all easily afford chic apartments in Manhattan. I fell in love with Carrie’s minimalist and chic apartment as did so many others who searched for the same but found out that Carrie was one of the very few who got these perks!

3 Bra Optional

I can’t say that the bra optional rule is due to Sex and the City influence but it was very commonplace to see the girls with their girls out. I’m all for doing and wearing what you’re most comfortable with and I get that it’s TV,but would it kill anyone to don a brazier every now and then?

4 Bank of Charlotte

Another one of the Sex and the City lies that is so memorable to me is how Carrie basically demanded that Charlotte offer her money to buy her apartment from Aiden. Since when are people supposed to demand a loan and make their friend feel bad for not offering? This is one of the incidents that made me think twice about Carrie as a person and how is that Carrie has millions of loyal friends when she acts like this?!

5 Luxury Galore

Sex and the City also taught us that luxury can be ours at anytime, anywhere. If we only could be as lucky as Samantha was in SATC 2. Where else would you be offered an all-expense paid trip for you and your three best girlfriends for attending one business meeting?! Ok, I admit I’m jealous but it’s also so far-fetched that it was a bit annoying.

6 Shopping as Cardio

I'm starting to feel like I’m picking on little Miss Carrie Bradshaw here. But,one of the classic Sex and the City lies told by Carrie is that you can pretty much eat whatever you want and still look amazing in the most unforgiving clothes. Miranda went to the gym, Charlotte ran and Samantha did Pilates but Carrie swore by keeping her girlish figure through shopping, lucky bum!

7 True Love Always Finds You

Because of Sex and the City influence, we were led to believe that no matter how selfish, rude or plain old wacky we were, we’d end up with our true love. I’ve heard too many stories of women who modeled their lives after Carrie and the girls but never got past a few dates! As fabulous as their lives were, I doubt anyone in real life can pull some of the tomfooleries that Carrie pulled and still end up with her one and only.

I know Sex and the City movie is long gone but you’ve gotta admit there were and still are many women who are under the Sex and the City influence. I know it’s just a show that’s meant for entertainment but many women related to the guy problems on the show and started regarding the show as a how-to guide. Did you ever feel like SATC presented an unrealistic view of the single gal in NYC or did you think of it as a good source of entertainment?

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