7 Ways the Movies Portray College Are Wrong ...

It seems the more movies I watch, the more and more I see the ways the movies portray college are wrong. While we all want this picturesque vision of college, the movies are a horrible place to get an idea of what a real college life is like. They ether focus too much on the partying or make it seem like you cannot have a social life. Both are wrong portrayals of typical college life. Next time you check out a movie, look out for these ways the movies portray college are wrong.

1. Stereotypical Cliques

One of the biggest ways the movies portray college wrongly is when it shows stereotypical cliques. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely clear-cut groups of friends, but groups such as jocks, nerds, and the other stereotypical cliques you associate with high school, don’t really have a presence on campus. And there sure is no social hierarchy that dictates who is cool and who isn’t.