7 Ways You Can Keep Enjoying Harry Potter ...


7 Ways You Can Keep Enjoying Harry Potter ...
7 Ways You Can Keep Enjoying Harry Potter ...

Harry Potter has become something more than a series of books and movies. Speaking as a Potterhead who didn't become obsessed right until the last, I can attest to the fact that it's something of a way of life. I write this as I'm wearing my Slytherin scarf, thank you! Now that the movies are over and there are no more books to be written, a lot of people – myself included – are going through Harry Potter withdrawal. You don't have to do that, though. There are lots of ways you can keep enjoying Harry Potter, and here they are!

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Reread the Books

Rereading the Harry Potter books is a great way to keep the magic alive. I have a protip, even though it reveals the depths of my geekiness. If you've read all through the American versions, have a go at the British versions. There are enough differences to make it enjoyable, I promise. I actually prefer the original British text, but I'm slightly Euro trash.


Watch the Movies Again

Naturally, watching the movies over and over is a great way to get your Hogwarts fix. Especially since the final film is available now, you can actually sit down and watch them in succession. Yes, it takes a long time. Yes, I know that through experience.


Join Pottermore

Okay, at the moment, this is easier said than done. Currently Pottermore is only open to beta testers who have already gotten their invites. Insiders get a lot of news, though, and I promise that the site will be open to the public, too. And yeah, it is worth the wait! Seriously, you learn a lot about the world of Harry Potter you never knew, and the interaction is amazing.


Write Some Fan Fiction

This won't be for everyone, but if you enjoy writing, you can kind of carry on with the story yourself. Of course, writing fan fiction also allows you to change things up for your own personal enjoyment. One of my favorite things about J.K. Rowling is that she doesn't mind this a bit. Just don't try to make money off of anything!



Text-based roleplay can help you keep the Harry Potter universe alive too. It's a bit like writer fan fiction, except that it's live action, so you can interact with other writers playing different characters. Again, this gives you the opportunity to change story arcs to suit your own wishes.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I am so all over this. Universal Studios has opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so you can actually visit all your favorite places. I hope they keep improving it, because if I don't get a chance to visit the Slytherin common room, I am not going to be a happy snake.



Finally, a lot of Harry Potter fans love doing cosplay. If you really want to immerse yourself in the world of Hogswart and Hogsmeade, this is a great way to do it. You can even check around in your area to see if there's already a group with an HP cosplay.

As you can see, some of these are pretty obvious, while others stray off the beaten path, but if you want to keep Harry Potter alive and well, they're definitely possibilities! I hesitated to write this post because I thought these might be a little weird, but then I realized that my fellow Potterheads, the ones who know what it's like to get to Deathly Hallows and then start reading the Harry Potter books all over again, would understand. Yes, y'all; my name is Lyndsie and I'm totally obsessed, and I'm okay with that! But I tell you what, if you know any other ways to keep enjoying Harry Potter, let me know!

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I'm going to Florida next month,and when I'm there I'm going to the wizard in world of harry potter,I can't wait!

Watch the musicals! AVPM - a very potter musical. There are 3 all together. They poke fun at many things but if you love harry potter you will find this twist on it hilarious! And an added bonus- Darren Criss is Harry Potter!

LeakyCon as well

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