7 Websites Where You Can Watch Movies Online ...


There are many reasons why you’d want to watch movies online. You might have misplaced that DVD you’ve been saving for a quiet night in and so disrupts your plans, or you might need to show some friends a film you’ve been talking about for ages. The answer is to watch movies online. Sometimes you just want to watch a film instantly, but then get online and discover it takes you ages to find a website that lets you stream or download movies quickly. Here is a list of 7 easy to access Websites Where You Can Watch Movies Online at your convenience.

1. Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video

Here you can instantly watch popular movies and TV shows, and at no extra cost with Amazon Prime. You have unlimited streaming and watch movies online on your computer or on your TV with a connecting streaming device. It costs $3.99 for a 48 hour rental, or is at no additional cost if you have an Amazon Prime account (at $79 a year).

Apple TV
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