7 Weird Tricks for Relationship Bliss from TV Couples ...

Believe it or not, we can learn a thing or two about relationships from TV couples. What are these things and who are these couples? Read guest contributor Sophia Jacobbs list to find out.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a relationship last. From friendly advice to condescending warnings, there's a good bet you've heard some weird tricks for relationship success. Whether you'd like to improve your friendships or your love life, there are plenty of tips to take away from your favorite TV shows. So turn on the TV and look to famous TV couples for some tricks for relationship bliss.

1. Love the Quirks

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Good relationships are built on honesty and acceptance. Good relationships can exist when both parties accept each other's flaws and quirks, but great relationships happen when you realize those quirks make them more lovable. Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother give plenty of examples of this premise.

They still love to high-five, show off their impressive Halloween costumes together, and support each other's childish antics (like making slap bets with their friends). If you've found someone with qualities that other people may find annoying, but you find endearingβ€”it may be true love.

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