7 Weird Tricks for Relationship Bliss from TV Couples ...


7 Weird Tricks for Relationship Bliss from TV Couples ...
7 Weird Tricks for Relationship Bliss from TV Couples ...

Believe it or not, we can learn a thing or two about relationships from TV couples. What are these things and who are these couples? Read guest contributor Sophia Jacobbs list to find out.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a relationship last. From friendly advice to condescending warnings, there's a good bet you've heard some weird tricks for relationship success. Whether you'd like to improve your friendships or your love life, there are plenty of tips to take away from your favorite TV shows. So turn on the TV and look to famous TV couples for some tricks for relationship bliss.

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Love the Quirks

Love the Quirks Good relationships are built on honesty and acceptance. Good relationships can exist when both parties accept each other's flaws and quirks, but great relationships happen when you realize those quirks make them more lovable. Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother give plenty of examples of this premise.

They still love to high-five, show off their impressive Halloween costumes together, and support each other's childish antics (like making slap bets with their friends). If you've found someone with qualities that other people may find annoying, but you find endearing—it may be true love.


Experience Relationship Regret

Experience Relationship Regret Relationship mistakes are common among, well, almost everyone. This trend is extremely common with the classic TV couple, Ross and Rachel, from Friends. This popular TV couple experienced tons of relationship regrets over the years. From moving on too soon after a "break" to a surprise pregnancy and getting hitched while intoxicated in Vegas—these two have been through more than your average couple.

Even when the going got tough, all of their regrets turned out to be good lessons rather than true instances of regret. So, next time you're experiencing an "oh no" moment in your relationship, remember—it could end up making your relationship stronger, just like Ross and Rachel.


Make Fun of Each Other

Make Fun of Each Other Most relationships provide many opportunities for teasing, joking, and making fun of situations and personality traits. To do this the right way, stay away from anything too personal and take a hint from the playful TV duo, Corey and Topanga.

The famous TV couple from Boy Meets World met in school and joked with each other from the very beginning. One of Corey's lines early in the series mentions keeping the strange name trend alive if they ever got married, naming their kids "Chewbacca" and "Plankton." These kind of lighthearted jokes are essential for any fun, lasting relationship.


Make Time for Martinis

Make Time for Martinis Whatever your drink of choice, make sure you make time to share with your friends even if you're committed. A noteworthy theme of the hit show, Sex and The City, is loyalty. Our favorite main characters—Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda—all make time for each other in their mega-busy New Yorker lives.

Remember when Miranda moved to Brooklyn because she had a baby, worked full-time as an attorney, and still made time for her girlfriends' problems and celebrations—that's friendship. Take a note from these girls and remember to strengthen your friendships as well as your romantic relationships.


Keep the Spark Alive

Keep the Spark Alive Everyone knows keeping the romance alive is an important element of relationship success. Phil and Claire Dunphy from Modern Family give us glimpses of hope for what it's like to be married with kids. Even after three children, the two are still crazy about each other.

Their hilarious and adventurous attempt to role play on Valentine's Day took a turn for the worse. Yet even the terrible circumstances can't ruin their love for each other. Remember to take risks, make an effort in your love life, and most importantly—don't be afraid to laugh at yourself when things go wrong.


Become Partners in Crime

Become Partners in Crime Maybe not literally, but your significant other should be able to be called your partner in crime. The Bonnie and Clyde theme can be translated to something as simple as pulling pranks together or joining forces for some lighthearted jokes.

The Office's Jim and Pam Halpert are perfect examples of cute partners in crime. While working in the same office together, they join together to prank co-workers and continue long-running jokes. The satisfaction of working as a team and being able to laugh about it later is what makes being partners in crime so blissful.


Make Your Own Handshake

Make Your Own Handshake Secret handshakes, inside jokes, and funny innuendos—whatever you choose, make it your own. The best kind of intimacy comes from having little jokes and personalized things that are only recognizable to each other.

Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation show us exactly how this is done (and in the cutest ways possible). From showing off their own handshake to the adorable way they say "I love you, and I like you," it's clear these two have a lot of love for one another. Take a hint from their aww-worthy relationship and make up a cutesy handshake with your significant other today.

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