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What Does Your Favorite Christmas Movie Say about You?

By Holly

Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie. It's time to figure out what yours is. Why? Well, according to Teen Vogue, this is what your favorite Christmas movie says about you:

1 Elf

When the holidays approach, you find yourself getting hyper. You're filled with so much Christmas cheer that you want to burst. Without a doubt, it's your favorite time of year.

2 Love Actually

You're a hopeless romantic. Every year, you hope to have a boyfriend around the holidays, because you'd love to go ice skating with him and build snowmen. You're a sucker for love.


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3 It's a Wonderful Life

To you, Christmas isn't about the presents. It's about spending time with your friends and family. You appreciate your life, especially around this time of year when you get nostalgic.

4 A Charlie Brown Christmas

You love Christmas, but it never goes exactly the way you want it to. You're always left feeling a little disappointed, but you don't care too much, because you have hope that next year will be better.

5 Home Alone

You're about as clever as they come. You can relate to Macaulay Culkin’s character, because you know you'd be able to handle yourself in an emergency. You're that independent.

6 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

You actually like Christmas, but you'll never admit it. You'd rather complain about how the holiday has become commercialized and how annoying it is to hear the same Christmas songs twenty times in a day.

7 The Nightmare before Christmas

Sure, Christmas is great, but you wish it were Halloween again. You prefer October, because Fall is your favorite season. You'd rather be dressing up and eating candy than exchanging presents and kissing under the mistletoe.

What's your favorite holiday movie?

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