What to Watch on Netflix According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


What to Watch on Netflix According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
What to Watch on Netflix According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

You might be wondering if it makes sense reading what to watch on Netflix according to your zodiac sign but why not; there's nothing to lose and you might just find your new fave show in this list.

Unless you have been living underneath a wi-fi free rock for the past decade, you will probably be one of the millions of Netflix subscribers all over the world! No matter whether you actually pay for your access or you are one of the cheeky parasites who leech off of your friend’s account, the one thing that is for certain is that there is always something to sit down and watch! If you have just finished your latest binge and are looking for something to tackle next, then why not follow the stars and trust astrology? Here’s what to watch on Netflix according to your zodiac sign!

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You have range of interests and can’t be pinned down to any one genre, so something like Riverdale that has everything from romance to murder and teen drama is perfect for you!



You love nothing more than a good gossip, so just in case you missed it the first time round, now is the perfect time to get on the hot Gossip Girl train!



You are an intellectual who likes to be challenged and entertained at the same time, and for this combination, look no further than the deep wonders of Black Mirror.



You are kind of a quirky character, a little off beat but lovable, so the show that matches with your personality perfectly is none other than The Office!



You like something laugh out loud and snappy to fit with your life of the party attitude, and luckily for you, the entire series of Friends has recently been added to the Netflix catalogue!



There is something unmistakably bright and optimistic about a Virgo, which is why the light-hearted and hilarious comedy of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is definitely the right pick for you.



You have a tendency to favour nostalgia and comfort, and nothing feels more nostalgic on Netflix right now than the Gilmore Girls!



You have a dark side that manifests itself in an obsession with true crime and the worst of society, so you will definitely have a lot of fun with Mindhunter.



You are someone with a sense of adventure who loves to travel, so a show like Sense8 will have you confused and confuddled in all the best ways, with the added benefit of a round the world setting!



You are a perfectionist with a taste for drama, so the precision of the surgery on Grey’s Anatomy mixed with the crazy personal lives of the characters is the perfect combination!



You like to be spooked but you also love to be engrossed in a captivating story, and for this rare combination, Stranger Things is definitely the winner.



You enjoy a good musical just as much as you enjoy a good romantic comedy, but don’t worry, you don’t have to choose between the two when you have Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to enjoy!

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I’ve already watched it and it’s amazing !!

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