What We Know πŸ’­ about Star Wars 🎬 Episode IX πŸŽ₯ so Far ...


Are you excited to hear about Star Wars Episode IX? Ever since the franchise came roaring back to screens in a triumphant return with The Force Awakens, Star Wars has been one of the most talked about topics in movie circles all over the world! It feels like The Last Jedi came out only a few weeks ago, but already, lots of details have started to emerge about the third instalment in the newest trilogy, the long awaited Episode IX. Of course, with such a hot property like Star Wars, there are bound to be more false rumours than true ones at this point, so why don’t you keep it safe and take a look at this list of what we know so far about Star Wars Episode IX!

1. Release Date

The current planned release date for Episode IX is set for December 20th 2019. There will be big competition in that window as the film is set to come out around the same time as the Wonder Woman sequel and the much anticipated big screen adaptation of the musical Wicked.

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