Which Disney Princess Matches Your Zodiac Sign ?


Which Disney Princess Matches Your Zodiac Sign ?
Which Disney Princess Matches Your Zodiac Sign ?

Ever wondered which Disney princess matches your zodiac sign?? We’ve all had this discussion with our besties over a glass of wine or a cocktail or two. Out of all the incredible female characters that Walt Disney Studios have given to us over the years, which one do you think you are, or which one do you think represents you in the best way?

Whether you are a fan of the golden age classics or the more modern creations, there is no denying that in their princesses and leading females, Disney has a real knack for bringing characters to life that are full of relatability in one way or another, with every single viewer being able to see something of themselves in at least one Disney heroine!

You might have a personal opinion about which Disney princess is most relatable to you, but have you ever taken a second to consider that the wonderful world of astrology might have something to say about it? Something that you might never have thought about in the same light before? Your star sign dictates a lot of your personality traits, so it makes sense to consult the stars when it comes to Disney princess comparisons! I’ve put a quick breakdown below, but here is a great video that gives you more trait-based insight into which Disney princess matches your zodiac sign.

Gemini – Anna
Cancer – Ariel
Leo – Elsa
Virgo – Belle
Libra – Cinderella
Scorpio – Pocahontas
Sagittarius – Jasmine
Capricorn - Tiana
Aquarius – Mulan
Pisces - Rapunzel
Aries – Merida
Taurus – Aurora

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