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7 Worst Things about Going to the Movies ...

By Alison

What are the worst things about going to the movies? Sadly there are so many annoying things that spoil your enjoyment of a movie, and most of them are to do with other people's behavior. Here are the worst things about going to the movies …

1 Lack of Choice

One of the worst things about worst things about going to the movies is the lack of choice. Every cinema shows the same old Hollywood blockbusters, and unless you live in a large city you're unlikely to find more interesting alternatives. It's understandable that multiplexes go for movies that are going to be most commercially successful. But are these movies successful because that's all that people are offered?

2 Cost

The cinema used to be cheap entertainment for the masses, but the price of cinema tickets these days makes it more of a luxury. Take a family, and you're shelling out upwards of $50 for something that lasts less than two hours, and that's without the cost of parking, gas and drinks. No wonder that many people prefer to wait for the DVD.

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3 Manners

This is my particular bugbear. What has gone wrong with people's manners? They seem incapable of staying quiet during the show. Many movies have been ruined by people talking throughout the movie. You have to wonder why they've even bothered paying for the ticket if they're more interested in chatting to their friend or on the phone. Don't ruin the movie for others.

4 Children

This isn't the fault of the kids, but the parents. Some children can't stay still during a movie and so disrupt it for others. And just because your child is legally old enough to see a particular movie does not mean that it's suitable for them. I've seen children crying at movie scenes that they couldn't handle. Use your judgement, and keep a sensitive child away from movies that may upset them.

5 Food

Spanish audiences tend to be well behaved, and they aren't shy about telling off other moviegoers. Loud eating is likely to be equally loudly told off. But when I lived in the UK many movies were punctuated by the sounds of people crunching popcorn and slurping drinks. If you must have refreshments during a movie, at least pick something that isn't noisy to consume.

6 Comfort

Some cinemas just don't seem able to get the ambient temperature right. Either the air conditioning is on full blast, or the room is so warm that you doze off and miss most of the movie. Leg room is often inadequate as well, so that anyone over five feet tall gets a leg cramp.

7 Cell Phones

How is it that so many people manage to miss the request before the movie starts to turn off their cell phone? A reminder really shouldn't be necessary though; it's basic manners. Nor is it ok to look at your phone during the movie; the size of phone screens today means that the light is all too visible. People, you've paid to see the movie so watch it!

If someone's spoiling the movie for you, don't be afraid to complain. Everyone else will probably be grateful to you! And remember to give the theater your feedback. What do you find the most annoying aspect of going to the movies?

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