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Your GOT House According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

With the announcement that the next and final season of Game Of Thrones is going to be hitting our screens in April 2019, it is officially time to start getting excited about heading back to Westeros! It is a show and a story that has completely taken over the world in the last few years, and just like Harry Potter, we are all itching to find out which House we would be best suited to if we happened to live in George R.R. Martin’s crazy fictional universe! Here is your GOT House, according to your zodiac sign!

1 Aries

hairstyle, outerwear, girl, long hair, black hair,House Arryn

You are very determined and confident, you know what you want in life and you don’t care who you have to push out of a moon door in order to get it!

2 Taurus

fur, facial hair, tree, human behavior, beard,House Baratheon

You are practical and devoted to whichever cause you put your mind to, but you do have a tendency to be rather stubborn sometimes and forget the bigger picture in favour of personal vendettas!


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3 Gemini

suit, gentleman, outerwear, human, temple,House Martell

You are one of the beautiful people, you are smart and sassy but you also have a big capacity for kindness when people come into your life that genuinely touch you.

4 Cancer

beauty, girl, lady, dress, outerwear,House Tully

You are very emotional and you love your family more than anything, sometimes to the point where you will make bad life decisions based on matters of honour and respect!

5 Leo

horse, horse like mammal, knight, horse tack, horse harness,House Lannister

You are as feisty and as ferocious as a lion when you have to be! You need to keep a check on your natural ambition to make sure that it doesn’t make you a hate target!

6 Virgo

coat, fashion model, fashion, outerwear, winter,House Stark

You are as loyal and as hardworking as they come, but make sure that people don’t take advantage of you for this very reason.

7 Libra

hair, beauty, human hair color, girl, lady,House Tyrell

You have a kind and gentle heart, but you are super smart which makes you somebody that shouldn’t be messed with for fear of clever revenge!

8 Scorpio

person, human, facial hair, gentleman, jacket,House Bolton

You are a proud person, but sometimes your pride can get the better of you and you end up making enemies of people that otherwise could be good friends and contacts.

9 Sagittarius

human, darkness, portrait, gentleman, facial hair,House Frey

You tend to be a really important member of your friendship group. You hold the keys to keeping the social circle together, and you have the power to make it or break it at your own will!

10 Capricorn

facial hair, human, beard, jacket, tree,House Mormont

You are super mature and responsible, people see you as a natural leader and are drawn to you when they are looking for someone to make the tough decisions.

11 Aquarius

lady, beauty, girl, portrait, outerwear,House Targaryen

You are the most creative and visionary of all the signs. People can’t always relate to your eccentric way of life, but they certainly envy it!

12 Pisces

outerwear, jeans, tree, water, jacket,House Greyjoy

You prefer to follow than to lead, but when you align yourself with the right friends, you can be a really valuable member of your circle and someone that can be relied upon to do the right thing in the end!

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