10 Life Lessons from How I Met Your Mother ...


If I had to choose one show that has taught me the most life lessons, How I Met Your Mother would definitely be it.

Not only are the characters well written and the story unique, but it also takes place in New York City which gives me even more life lessons to learn from being that I live there as well.

In case you didn't catch the lessons this show teaches because you were too busy laughing, here are 10 life lessons from How I Met Your Mother!2

1. If Itโ€™s Meant to Be, It Will Be

1. Of All the Life Lessons That Anyone Can Take Away from How I Met Your Mother is if It's Meant to Be, It Will Be. Throughout the Show, Ted is Constantly Searching for the Love of His Life so He Can Get Married. as It Turns out, after Eight Seasons, Ted Still Isn't Even Close to Being Married. Thus We Learn the Age Old Lesson of It's It Meant to Be, It Will Be. You Shouldn't Go Looking for Love, Love is Supposed to Find You

2. Long Distance Relationships Hardly Ever Work

Please note that this life lesson is titled Long Distance Relationships HARDLY Ever Work because sometimes they do.

However, my personal experience and HIMYM both prove that it is very rare that they work out especially if over a long period of time.2

In the first season, Ted is dating Victoria who gets offered a fellowship at a culinary institute in Germany.

At the airport, Ted and Victoria decide to give long distance a try, both saying that it will work.

However, Future Ted tells his kids that it didn't, and that long-distance relationships hardly ever work.

In the next episode we learn that Ted hates having to be on the phone all the time and is running out of things to talk about with Victoria.

The next life lesson will let you know how the long distance relationship ended.

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