7 Reasons to Start Watching Hart of Dixie ...


There is a whole boatload of reasons to start watching Hart of Dixie. Rachel Bilson is in it, and she plays a doctor. Now I don’t know where in the world doctors look as gorgeous as her, unless we enter the world of Grey’s Anatomy, but that’s a whole other article right there! For now though, here are 7 reasons to start watching Hart of Dixie, now!

1. Rachel Bilson

Yep, that’s a very valid reason to start watching Hart of Dixie. If you’re anything like me who obsessively watched every single episode of The O.C. while it was still on air, then you’ll understand my excitement. Rachel Bilson is absolutely adorable, funny, and stunning to top it all off. Summer Roberts still remains one of my favourite characters to come off the CW network. So if the world gets to watch a little more of her on the small screen playing doctor Zoe Hart, then that’s one of the best reasons to start watching Hart of Dixie.

2. It’s Gilmore Girls + New Girl + Private Practice

To start, Hart of Dixie takes place in a small town, a town so small