11 Actors Who Turned down Legendary Roles ...

It’s hard to believe how many actors who turned down legendary roles are out there in Hollywood. Granted, I’m sure they didn’t know just how successful the movies would become. Lucky for us, the actors who DID get cast were golden in these roles. Check out this list of actors who turned down legendary roles. There’s some pretty shocking stuff here!

1. Dana Delany

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Can you believe that Delany COULD have been Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and The City”? It’s hard for me to imagine anyone but SJP playing the iconic role because I think she nailed it. Delany was show creator Darren Star’s first choice. She claimed to have turned down the role because she didn’t want to star in another project whose focus was on sex. By the way, she also turned down the role of Bree Van de Kamp on “Desperate Housewives.” She’s just one of the many actors who turned down legendary roles. Big mistake, huh?

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