7 Amazing Reasons to Watch New Girl Right Away ...


As one of the most hilarious shows to hit the airwaves, there are plenty of reasons to watch “New Girl”. Since its premiere in 2011, this show has managed to gain a lot of publicity and maintain a large population of viewers, certainly exceeding the expectations of some critics. The elements incorporated into this comedic show are sure to 'tickle your fancy', whether you have a taste for drama, comedy, or suspense. With these reasons to watch “New Girl” at hand, you will be able to see why Fox's hit comedy is taking over the indie masses by storm.

1. The Premise

One of my favorite reasons to watch “New Girl” is the overall premise. This show centers around the life of an eccentric girl named Jessica Day, played by Zooey Deschanel, who is cheated on by her boyfriend. She is then forced to move in with three male roommates, all with completely different personalities. While this premise may sound like countless other shows that we've all watched before, this is where the cliché ends.

The Writers
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