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7 Amazing Sidekicks Who Can Be Lead Stars ...

By Cris

What would happen to superheroes or lead stars without their amazing sidekicks? They would be totally lost. Two heads are always better than one and the amazing sidekicks in this list prove that they don’t need to get a bigger share of the spotlight to be able to save the day. They know too well that just by helping their best buddy, they are doing a service to humanity. Here are seven (well, nine actually, when you see numbers three and seven) of my favorite sidekicks and why the lead stars would be simply clueless without them:

1 Dr. John Watson

Dr. John WatsonSir Arthur Conan Doyle named Sherlock Holmes’ fellow mystery-solver, Dr. John Watson, a surgeon who survived a war and later became Sherlock’s flatmate at 221B Baker Street. While he normally puts Sherlock on a pedestal and largely credits him for solving most of the cases they handle, it cannot be denied that his personality and brilliance push Holmes to think and investigate further and deeper, enabling him to solve the cases. And this is exactly what great and amazing sidekicks do!

2 Daryl Dixon

Daryl DixonRick Grimes maybe the leader of the pack but viewers of the zombie series, The Walking Dead, know that Daryl Dixon (played so well by Norman Reedus) deserve a spin-off with that crossbow of his. He is a master tracker, great protector, and a loyal friend. Daryl Dixon is the main reason why I can’t wait for the new season to premiere come October!


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3 Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley

Hermione Granger and Ron WeasleyTwo for the price of one. Harry is so lucky to have two sidekicks, who gave him more than enough support to carry on in his mission to defeat Lord Voldemort. Three heads are better than two, eh? We read recently that J.K. Rowling said Harry could have married Hermione. While that scenario is certainly ideal, I am sticking to the original plot. Let Ron have the best girl. Harry’s got it all. Plus, Ginny is not a bad choice either.

4 Donkey

DonkeyLoud, talkative, and can really be annoying, especially when you just want peace and quiet; those are adjectives that describe Donkey, Shrek’s best friend in the animated film first released by DreamWorks Pictures in 2001. They’re an unlikely pair – an ill-tempered ogre and a talkative donkey – but they managed to save all fairytale creatures from the evil hands of Lord Farquaad.

5 Sancho Panza

Sancho PanzaHere’s a man who existed even before "sidekick" became a word. In Miguel de Cervantes’ The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, Sancho Panza is described as the squire or personal attendant of the chivalry-obsessed Don Quixote/Alonso Quixano. Panza is a hodgepodge of positive and negative traits, a colorful character that balances the insane and bookish presence of Don Quixote with his street smarts and humor.

6 Mr. Spock

Mr. SpockHe is half-Vulcan and half-human and may seem to be detached to the world (Earth, in this case), but his character complements that of Capt. James Kirk. He is logical and calm, traits which the rule-bending, mischievous Kirk needs to survive in the Star Trek universe.

7 Timon and Pumbaa

Timon and PumbaaSimba is one lucky lion to have Timon and Pumbaa as his ultimate buddies. Growing up with them, he not only learned the art of eating slugs but also the joy that “Hakuna Matata!” brings. Even when Simba discovered his true identity and returned to Pride Rock, Timon and Pumbaa stayed by his side, ever the most loyal creatures in Kingdom Animalia.

What do you think of these sidekicks?

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